Sub 20 World Cup: the Dominican Republic has not had the luck of the rookie and gives in to the power of Nigeria

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The Under 20 selection of Dominican Republic gave up this Sunday 2-1 against the power of Nigeriawhich embittered the historic debut in a world soccer match of the Central American team at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in the city of Mendoza.

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Edison Azcona thrilled the Caribbean country with a penalty scored by VAR in the 23rd minute, but Guglielmo Pena He scored a goal from his own arc in the 31st minute to leave everything the same. In the second half, the team led by the Cuban coach Walter Benitez did not resist the thrust of the Africans, who certified the qualified comeback Samson Lawal in the 26th minute. And they could have been more if it hadn’t been for the exceptional performance of the goalkeeper Saverio Valdez. Nigeria thus adds its first three points in group D of this World Cup in Argentina, completed by Italy and Brazil.

The meeting was very eventful with eternal VAR interventions and various medical treatments. It also served to confirm the physical and tactical superiority of the “Super Águilas”.

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Despite this, the Dominican team came out revolutionized after belting out the national anthem due to a technical failure in the sound system. Azcona was the beacon of his team. The Africans put an end to that enthusiasm by opening spaces to their offensive trident made up of Lawal, Muhammad and Sunday, the latter being the best of the match.

Real Sapphire’s wing entered as a stiletto down the left wing. It was torture for the defenders.

Although the first to strike were Benítez’s team from a penalty committed to Guillermo de Peña. Football stuff. The Japanese referee Yusuke Araki didn’t see it, but the VAR did.Azcona was in charge of converting the maximum penalty and thus score his country’s first goal in a World Cup.

The joy didn’t last long, as less than ten minutes later Guillermo de Peña returned the equalizer with a goal against.

The draw left the Creoles very moved, who didn’t start from behind at the interval thanks to Valdez’s interventions. Sunday was the big loser of the Houston Dynamo goalkeeper’s success.

The question for the second half was whether the Dominican Republic would resist Nigeria’s push. And no, it didn’t last.

The second part started with a tough setback for the Super Eagles, who lost their number 9 to injury: Lawal. Nothing impressed them as they continued to attack vigorously, now with Emmanuel Umeh.

The quisqueyanos, on the other hand, burned their feet with the ball. Too much rainfall. Azcona was only blurred with a good shot from outside the area and Derek Cuevas left only a few quality details.

And in those came Samsom Lawal’s goal, who took advantage of a failure from behind to make it 2-1. The Creole team showed their faces, but it wasn’t enough.

Fountain; EFE extension

Source: Clarin

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