Sub 20 World Cup: the sensational denunciation of a Japanese journalist robbed in La Plata

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A Japanese journalist who is in the country to cover the U20 World Cup suffered a robbery in a restaurant in La Plata, when a pickpocket took advantage of an oversight and took away his backpack with all his belongings. The case, beyond the misfortune, has attracted attention for the particular complaint he made when he presented himself before the police.

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When the robbery took place, Akihiko, 43, was having dinner with some colleagues in the city of Las Diagonales, in a restaurant located on Calle 51, between 5 and 6. It was after the 2-1 defeat of the Japanese team against Colombia.

There they took his things. I had 40,000 yuan (equivalent to $300), a MacBook computer, a tablet, your FIFA accreditation for the tournament, passport and two credit cards.

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After the robbery he went to the police station to file a complaint and encountered a language barrier: had to present it in Japanese. To share the story was his colleague, the journalist (Argentine) Fernando Tocho, who published the photo on his social networks.

Some users on social networks have tried to translate the text, from which some loose paragraphs have emerged. There it is stated that “the complainant said he did not see the perpetrator”.

“I agree with everything said,” another user preferred to sum up.

The incredible encouragement of Argentine fans in Tunisia’s defeat against Iraq in La Plata

None of the almost 50 protagonists of the match, between players and technical staff, must have understood anything. The over 8,000 people who flocked to the Diego Armando Maradona de La Plata stadium to experience Tunisia’s 3-0 victory over Iraq on the second date of Group E of the Under-20 World Cup provided an unexpected setting, which included typical Argentinian songs , with its lyrics changed to encourage Africans.

It was a varied repertoire, but it served to ensure that those who challenged the rain enjoyed themselves as if they were playing any other game in the professional league or in the Argentine promotion: the “Tunisia, my good friend…” which usually accompanies the departures of the teams; when the match was boring – most of the time, it must be said – what came down from the stands of the La Plata stadium was a “let’s see if they lay eggs, they don’t play with anyone…”; and even a “Move, Iraq, move…” slipped in.

Tunisia, with a flurry of high-flying football at the start of the second half, got the right difference to secure an important victory, thanks to goals from Youssef Snana -with a nice cue definition-, Chaim El Djebali and Mahmoud Ghorbel , penalty.

The victory allows them to keep their hopes of qualifying for the round of 16, despite suffering Rayan Nasraoui’s red card after a VAR check of Colombian referee Jhon Alexander Ospina Londoño.

Source: Clarin

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