Video: A mother ruined her daughter’s birthday with a steamy dance in front of her classmates in the garden

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A kindergarten girl’s birthday ended up embroiled in controversy over a video shared on TikTok. In the middle of the celebration, the baby’s mother, who was wearing a see-through dress, started performing a hot dance that surprised everyone present.

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The uncomfortable moment was shared by user “@simonethomaz632” showing the unexpected moment experienced by family and friends who attended the birthday.

In the middle of a Minnie Mouse decoration, the mother entered the dance floor and began to make suggestive movements to the beat of the music.. Although several guests laughed and some filmed her, the woman didn’t care and even danced on a table wearing a see-through dress.

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The mother entered the dance floor and started doing suggestive moves.

The mother entered the dance floor and started doing suggestive moves.

To the beat of “Movimento Sanfoninha”, the protagonist lowers her hips completely. Excited, she takes off her shoes, turns her back on some of her guests, and continues to “perreo.”

Although the user who made the post on TikTok decided to delete the video following the criticisms received from the girl’s mother, this did not prevent followers from replicating it, so much so that it went viral on social media over the course of hours. networks, not only in Brazil (where the situation occurred), but all over the world.

The comments reflect outrage and concern Fror the impact the mother’s performance might have on the baby. Many expressed their dissatisfaction, claiming that the woman ruined her daughter’s birthday and unnecessarily exposed her to an inappropriate situation.

The video exploded on TikTo,k.

The video exploded on TikTo,k.

The discharge of the woman

Facing the wave of criticism, Brenna Azevedo, the woman in question, took her leave in another video shared on TikTok.

“People are outraged, because I was dancing in a transparent dress. They’re attacking me, swearing and saying they’re going to put me on the Guardianship Board. I see nothing wrong with that. I see much worse things”Azevedo started by saying.

She added: “My family is horrified. How can people get hurt on social media? Calling me awful things. I am outraged, terrified. My daughter was very happy, the guests appreciated”.

As he said in front of the camera, when the events occurred he had drunk a lot for the happiness it brought him to be able to celebrate his daughter’s party. “I decided to organize this party in two months, everything was done with a lot of sacrifice, suffocation and affection. The daughter is mine, the money is mine, the body is mine. I do what I want with my life,” Brenna continued.

The woman asked to stop with criticism, gossip and negative comments.

Source: Clarin

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