Uruguay beat Tunisia with a heartbreaking penalty to secure second place in Group E

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Uruguay beat Tunisia 1-0 with a penalty in the second minute of added time, with which secured second place in Group E behind Englandand leaving the African team, which with a petty proposal went to seek a draw and secure a place among the best third, waiting for other results.

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Uruguay started with control of the territory, having more ball possession, trying to break the resistance of Tunisia, who started with a tactical draw of 5 in the background, 4 in the center and a born striker.

However, this positional control of the pitch allowed him to play closer to goalkeeper Arfaqui, but without the clarity needed to break his barrier.

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Abaldo was one of those who showed the greatest volume of play in the blue team, Boselli throwing himself tried to break the net, and some attempts by De los Santos who started with some overflow and then went out, but in general the The whole Uruguayan team liked them, they lacked the tranquility to define.

A fearful Tunisian went in search of an equalizer, narrowly exceeding half the pitch.

In the second half, the different strategies did not change in the first quarter of an hour, with the Azzurri trying to break through, and the Africans yielding well.

Finally, one of River Plate’s best-managed players, Abaldo, had to leave due to injury and it took Mr. Broli a long time to make further changes that could change the face of his team.

And when the first extra minute was played (out of a total of 9) after a center fell on goal, the Tunisian captain Ouahabi, trying to clear his head, the ball hit his hand, and the Spanish referee accused Franco González of a penalty he changed for a goal, giving him justice because, even if not clearly, he was the only one to try.

England first and intersects with Italy

England and Iraq drew goalless in the closing of Group E of the Under 20 World Cup in La Plata, in an even match that consolidated the English leaders (with 7 points), while the Iraqis were eliminated.

The Iraqi youth team was unable to take advantage of ?home? of the 12,122 spectators for and against the team in red today. Now England will meet Italy in the next stage.

In the ?Diego Maradona? England and Iraq played a discreet and homogeneous first part, with a greater ball possession by the English, who reserved part of their starters, and with an Iraq that relied on a quick start and on the skills of its good number 10, Youssef Amyn.

Both had finishes, to a greater extent those of the British team, but failed to define. In the 32nd minute England pressed at the start, Samuel Edozie tackled the goal, eluded the goalkeeper and converted the goal, which was not validated due to an advanced position that the assistant had sanctioned and confirmed by the VAR.

The controversy came in the second minute of the discount. A foul on Edozie in the area was noticed by the VAR: the New Zealand referee sees it again and sanctions a penalty. It was executed by Liam Delap with a powerful, low and crossing shot, but goalkeeper Hassan was very good at deflecting for a corner.

The second period was more intense with Iraq, which tried harder but was not effective. He had two clear situations with Amyn. The first in the 15th minute with a powerful right foot that goes wide in the 29th minute fails to overcome the goalkeeper in a one-on-one.

The British also had their chances. The clearest was a header by Devine in the 24th minute which went high and already on sale coming out of a corner Oyegoke crashed his shot onto the crossbar.

Source: Clarin

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