Mauro Icardi’s crazy party for the Galatasaray championship with the most famous fan and a mysterious woman

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Mauro Icardi has added a new title to his wall. He was crowned champion of the Turkish league, after defeating Ankaragücü 4-1 with Galatasaray. The striker contributed his team to the match and scored a sensational brace.

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Finally, the man from Rosario ended a good season in Türkiye. Not only for the brace scored in the match against Eryaman which consummated his consecration in the Super League but for the 21 goals in 23 games that he has finally scored. After a difficult year, the Argentine celebrated with passion.

The image of a jubilant Icardi didn’t attract attention. Is that the former Inter and PSG has become a real idol for the fans of the giant of Istanbul. For this the attacker was photographed with everyone, including a boy named Ali Yigit Buruk. In Turkey everyone knows who he is, they point to him as the team’s most famous fan and he is none other than the son of Okan Buruk, the team’s coach

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Icardi with Ali Yigit Buruk, the most famous fan of the Turkish club.  Photo: AFP

Icardi with Ali Yigit Buruk, the most famous fan of the Turkish club. Photo: AFP

But the image that sparked comment was that of the Argentine embracing a mysterious woman, unknown in Argentina, although key to Galatasaray’s structure.

Her name is Filiz Umur and she is the sports marketing and events coordinator of Galatasaray. And she proves to have a close role for the Argentine who was looking for him especially during the celebrations. On her Instagram account she has more than 60,000 followers and introduces herself as: “Galatasaray with a clear mind and a clear conscience!”

Icardi and Filiz Umur at the Galatasaray party.

Icardi and Filiz Umur at the Galatasaray party.

Icardi and an uncertain future

Icardi is on loan until mid-year throughout Turkey. Then, you will have to see what to do with your future which, to this day, is uncertain.

PSG, owner of his pass, will have to decide what to do with the Argentine. At first glance, the possibility that he continues at Galatasaray seems to be the most appropriate. This is because the Turkish team will try to keep him given his good performances. Furthermore, the attacker would not even disdain to continue to be linked to the institution.

It should be noted that, a few days ago, there was also talk of a possible interest from Boca, however, the footballer himself took it upon himself – through social media – to deny this rumor with a harsh message: “I haven’t spoken to anyone! False” , is what Icardi replied to a follower’s question.

Source: Clarin

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