The disturbing Spanish horror film that Netflix will withdraw from its catalog this weekend

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Saturday, June 3 will be the last day to watch a movie on Netflix that has been able to trample its year. It won 7 Goya awards, was a box office success and the passage of time favored it to such an extent that it can now be said to be a classic of 21st century horror cinema.

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The film, which is backed by very important names such as Guillermo del Toro and Juan Antonio Baionawill be a “victim” of the constant turnover that exists in the ranks of the red “N”.

The former, who was its producer, won the Oscar for The Shape of Water and has to his credit several titles recognized by all viewers: The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, Cronos.

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The second, its director, achieved worldwide fame with the great The Impossible and later with A Monster Comes to See Me, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

But let’s go back to the movie that calls us.

The orphanage was released in 2007.

The orphanage was released in 2007.

Del Toro, Bayona, Spanish Terror, Belén Rueda, 2007… Ring a bell? The film that next Sunday Netflix will remove from its catalog is The orphanage.

The film is JA Bayona's first feature film.

The film is JA Bayona’s first feature film.

The orphanage tells the story of Laura (Belén Rueda), the director of a dismal home for disabled children, and her little son, whose strange actions make her suspect that the house where she works holds a secret.

The repercussion of El orfanato in festivals was very relevant in 2007 – its debut year – and in early 2008. It won 7 Goya Awards, was selected at the Sitges Film Festival and was nominated for the Critic’s Choice Awards, among other accolades.

Bayona, who had a long career as a music video director at the time of The Orphanage’s release, based it on a short film by his compatriot Sergio G. Sanchez of the year 2000 titled 7337.

Belén Rueda is the protagonist.

Belén Rueda is the protagonist.

On Filmaffinity, a Spanish site that would be something like “the IMDb of Spanish speakers”, it ranks 120th in a list that thousands of voters (any user) have made of the “best horror films in history”.

The most important releases of June

Now let’s talk briefly about what’s coming to Netflix in the next few days.

If you are looking to scare yourself, among the films and series that will be available on the platform from June there is run away rabbit run away. Coming on the 28th. This Australian horror film closely follows a doctor at a fertility clinic who begins to discover that his little sister is behaving strangely.

Run, Rabbit, Run, the next big horror movie coming to Netflix.

Run, Rabbit, Run, the next big horror movie coming to Netflix.

The first part of will arrive on the 7th arnold, a documentary about the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger; from his beginnings in film, his Terminator incarnation, his stage as a bodybuilder, and his time as governor of California.

rescue mission 2the second part of the original action blockbuster starring Chris Hemsworth, will be released on the 16th. Now, the mercenary has to rescue the family of a Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held.

Rescue Mission will have a sequel.  Even with Chris Hemsworth.

Rescue Mission will have a sequel. Even with Chris Hemsworth.

The Spaniard arrives on the 23rd Over the sea, the sequel to the romantic Through My Window. The protagonists will once again be Clara Galle and Julio Peña.

On the 29th it will finally be the turn of volume 1 of the third season of The Witcher, the most relevant original fantasy series on the platform.

Source: Clarin

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