The head of the IGJ questioned Santiago Maratea’s confidence in Independiente: “There was a bad smell in all this”

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After declaring the Santiago Maratea trust “irregular and ineffective”, the head of the General Inspectorate of Justice, Ricardo Nissen, stressed that the agency intervened because there was a “bad smell” in the way the contract was set up.

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“We’ve seen it there was a bad smell about it all, and we decided to intervene in defense of Independence and public savings. Because, after all, it is nothing more than the willingness of taxpayers to collaborate with a noble purpose such as saving a football club,” he pointed out about the collection that It has already raised more than $800,000,000.

Furthermore, he questioned whether the trust was registered in the province of Neuquén. He said “many people” register it there to “hide their assets and not paying taxes, evading, laundering money and concealing ownership of assets”.

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“We asked Neuquén for the contract and they didn’t send us anything despite the call-up. It meets all the guidelines or parameters of a tax havenwhich does not meet the requirements”, launched this Thursday in dialogue with AM 750.

In this sense, he remarked that “in Neuquén there is a law from 2016 which says that trusts must register with the College of Notaries, which in turn is forbidden to examine the legality, it is limited to registering it, with which it does not give guarantees at all.”.

Nissen stressed that “the most striking thing is that he went to register in a place that has no point of connection with the trust, absolutely none”.

“And it is well known that trusts that need to leave quickly are registered there because the owner, normally the trustee, and the trustor want to use this figure quickly to hide the assets, this is what normally happens in reality. Because of this, the IGJ got into trouble,” she added.

However, Maratea had explained on more than one occasion on his social networks the reason for registering in the southern province of Argentina. “I don’t live in Capital, neither does Pepe Santoro and Diego, who is the other fan who participates, lives in Neuquén”underlined the three parts that appear in the contract with the old glory of Independiente representing the club.

Irregularity and possible suspension

While he declined to address each of the irregularities specifically, Nissen said he had encountered “a dozen problems”.

“They haven’t presented us with any contract. We have news that he signed up in Neuquén and so on it is full of flaws. There are no rules of protection in favor of third parties, nor guarantees in favor of Independents, there is no binding information system. There is an opacity that attracts a lot of attention,” he insisted.

When asked if there was any risk of money laundryslipped the head of the Igj: “It may be, it is a possibility that in theory cannot be excluded. But the trust is normally used for clean businesses. It is a mechanism to achieve an end”.

The IGJ chief also referred to the possibility that the collection will stop until the situation is regularised. In any case, he clarified: “It won’t end badly.”

He said he received a message after 12 last night that the trust had been filed at the last minute. “I can’t confirm it yet, but if he has presented it, he is welcome. In the meantime, we will declare him irregular”.

And he warned: “The luck of trust for now should be suspended Until I get the recording. Ideally, he wouldn’t be raising any more money until you are registered.”

The body has requested the appointment of a controller by the Justice to order and report the details of the initiative which aims to raise the money needed by the Avellaneda club to meet its debts.

In this regard, Nissen explained: “He will check Maratea and inform the financial movements that are made. To put an end to and give security to Independiente and the taxpayers”.

“Here we have it from Maratea, who says one thing one day and another one day another. Meanwhile, the funds are in the hands of a private company that does not have state authorization to engage in public investment activities” , he said.

political undertones

The former security minister and presidential candidate for the PRO, Patricia Bullrichentered the controversy and linked the IGJ’s interference to a political issue, since the current president of Independiente is Néstor Grindetti, who he nominated candidate for governor of the Province for the PRO.

“When someone, instead of taking money from the state or a union to fund a club, does it out of the generosity of the people, and they disable it, it’s revenge. They hate when society trumps bureaucracy,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Along the same lines Javier Castrilli underlined: “The same IGJ (National Government Body, NOT Justice) that declared the Maratea trust irregular is the one that validated Tapia’s election (with all the irregularities it had)… in Independiente Grindetti rules… do you understand???”.

This Thursday, Nissen came out to deny a political relationship and accused both of them: “Oh please, what revenge. For God’s sake. Bullrich is distraught and bleeding because we are asking for the investment of an institution that has and has financed its party’s electoral campaign. And I don’t know Castrilli. But he is a football referee. What do you know about these problems?

For his part, the president of Independiente also questioned the Igj: “It sounds to me like a political whiff. I don’t want to mix it up, but it seemed so strange to me, it speaks of an address… A little boy with credibility falls for it, when the previous CD (with Hugo Moyano at the helm) left no macana to do and they said nothing”.

What Maratea said

Santiago Maratea explained this Wednesday evening the reasons why the IGJ put its magnifying glass on the trust, after that body called the solidarity collection “irregular and ineffective”.

In the first of the stories he posted on his Instagram account, the influencer specified that he had collected 811,636,550 pesos. Then, he immediately moved on to the topic of the day regarding his initiative.

There is nothing that connects trust to CapitalTherefore, you should not join IGJ. However, we went to the IGJ out of goodwill and asked them how we could help them,” she revealed.

“When we introduced ourselves to the IGJ, he said to us ‘because if Santi lives in the Capital, hasn’t he registered trust in the IGJ?’ The answer was that Santi does not live in the capital. Short. So they said that last year Santi registered his foundation with IGJ and our response was that last year I lived in the Capital, but now I’ve moved to the provinces,” added the influencer.

He said that too They sent the trust to the IGJ at the end of this Wednesday “to show our good will and that, as it was a national matter, if they wanted to see it, they could, without any problem.”

Then the explanation continued: “We had until May 29 to present the trust in IGJ. In reality there was time until May 24, but being a holiday we moved on to the next working day, which is the 29th”.

It was then that he identified the real problem. “We did not present the trust on the 29th because we were late, this is true, drafting the addendum accompanying the trust and we present it today on the 31st”.

“Those two days of delay, it is the irregularity, which has already been corrected, because we have already presented the trust in IGJ,” he clarified.

And he closed: “To those who say that money is laundered, know what compliance is. If they knew, they would understand that it is impossible. A show was made of something totally simple, but that’s how it works”.

Source: Clarin

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