South Korea eliminates another South American from the Under-20 World Cup: beats Ecuador 3-2 and goes to the quarter-finals

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TO South Korea it was enough to be a team orderly and efficient on the few occasions it spawned in the first half, it managed to hold out against the siege of Ecuador national teamand took the win Of 3-2 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero, with which he signed the passage to the quarterfinals of the Under 20 World Cup where he will face Nigeriawho deleted the Wednesday Argentina.

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Korea didn’t need to be wrong or lead to move forward. It was enough for him to be pragmatic, orderly on all lines and patient while waiting for the opponent in the middle of the field, while the Ecuadorians handled the ball between the defenders, conquering a ball possession that hardly aroused any concern for their rivals. Main goal achieved for Koreans.

Added to this virtue, the pressure put on the Ecuadorians when they tried to seep into the block spawned defenders various complications which were used very effectively by the Koreans. Nine minutes into the game, the Asians got their first accolade in the game, when they received bea jun hoprotagonist and creator of dangers in the Korean attacks, he quickly changed front for the attacker Lee Young-Junwhich he controlled with great quality with his chest, set up for the volley and in the same movement ended up stamping the partial 1-0He.

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Korea continued to resort to the same method which was bearing fruit. After 18 minutes of the match, in fact, he extended his advantage at the foot of the ’10’ Jun Hothe best of the match, who after a short combination of passes from a winger, received from the center of the area, let the Ecuadorian defenders pay with a control of the cue and, with total coolness, hooked in front of goalkeeper Gilmar Napa who fell in his trap and could not stop the 2-0.

Everything was under control for Korea thanks to their practicality and the desperation of their rivals, who found game at the feet of Kendry Paez. And it was the Asian team that put the Ecuadorians back in the game, after a childish foul by defender Park Chan Woo who had the situation under control but grabbed the attacker by the arm. After the review by the VAR, which resulted in a penalty – even if the decision could be reversed – the attacker Justin Skin He changed for a goal and narrowed down the differences. Ecuador finished the first half better, going for an equalizer at half-time to come out in a better position for the second half.

But the complement started worse than Ecuador imagined or how the match felt. Two minutes into the game, a cross from the left hits the defender’s head Choi Seok Hyunafter a poor start from goalkeeper Napa, and put Korea two goals back, stamping the partial 3-1.

The match returned to having the same color as it had in the first 20 minutes, although Ecuador looked for a way to be sharper since they had time as another problem and the desperation of having to reduce the difference not to mention farewell to the tournament. They had opportunities, and with repeated attacks from the flanks and an Asian side holding on with only the result in their favour, Ecuador deserved the discount.

And he did it after 84 minutes after tirelessly insisting on the second half, with a goal from the Ecuadorian’s comeback Sebastian Gonzalez. Despite this, the Ecuadorians failed to level the score and were eliminated from the World Cup. South Korea will face Nigeria in the quarterfinals.

Source: Clarin

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