A FIFA publication about the Milanese sandwich has sparked an unusual war between Tucumán and Santiago del Estero

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Despite Argentina’s Under-20 defeat by Nigeria in San Juan and elimination from the World Cup, The World Cup continues but has left an unusual war between two provinces. In one post, FIFA showed a place in Santiago de Abroad recommended to be that of the “best Milanese sandwich” in Argentina AND Tucumanwho considers himself the leader of the country in this area, came out to answer harshly.

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“Day off in the #U20WC? Day to eat rich,” posted FIFA the day before the World Cup Round of 16. “They told us that Santiago del Estero has the best Milanese sandwich in Argentina and we went to find out,” they added in a video tour.

FIFA images lead to the Armonía Market, baptized in its origins”Municipal market and refrigerator“, an iconic work of modern architecture, created by the Hungarian architect Jorge Kálnay and inaugurated on February 15, 1936. In the 6,000 square meters, today one place stands out: “Pipe kiosk“.

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"La Armonía" market, by Jorge Kalnay in Santiago del Estero

“La Armonía” market, by Jorge Kalnay in Santiago del Estero

“It’s an emblematic place in Santiago. It’s impossible not to start the week if you don’t come here,” says a man from Santiago inside the market, who also states: “The richest Milanese sandwiches in the country”.

The images of the market follow one another and one of the Kiosco Pipe workers reveals part of the recipe: «The milanesa has garlic, egg, parsley, as if we were making it at home». Another of the workers points out the bread, “which is homemade,” he observes.

31 blocks from the Único Madre de Ciudades stadium, at the Pipe kiosk they insist: “We have mayonnaise, which is one of the touches people like best, fresh all day. Abundant, abundant and rich.”

It took one minute and 23 seconds to enrage all of Tucumánwho started commenting on the post: “I don’t know, that… already the bread looks like fulero”; “FIFA pal ak (sic) told you”; “That bun is made from blackberry leaves”; “The milanga is Tucumana and it’s the best on the planet, not just in Argentina.” But it wasn’t just in the comments on the net.

“They are not well informed; the real milanga is eaten in Tucumán,” added Diego “Mocho” Viruel, organizer of the Milanesa Sánguche National Festival.

The famous Tucuman humorist Miguel Martín, popularly known as “Agent Fat”which was sent with an open letter to FIFA.

the traditional newspaper Gazette He echoed the Santiago milanga video and went out to consult with sandwich shop owners and also Tucuman diners, who mostly oppose the Santiago del Estero sandwich statement.

Some even use technical concepts: “It must be said: in Tucumán it is a tradition; in the province we use the best goods, we cut the vegetables accordingly. The special touch is given by the sangucheros, who already have experience in Tucumán,” he commented; I tried it in Santiago, but the bread has a lot of dough, the shell is very hard, and I would tell you that the bread is 60% Milanese,” Guido Bellardi, director of “A mí nooo,” told the newspaper.

La Armonía Market, in Santiago del Estero.

La Armonía Market, in Santiago del Estero.

“In terms of presentation, ours is better. Look at our Milanese, it has the shape of bread, and inside the sandwich all the ingredients fit together. In the other, everything is more deformed; ours is more famous and better. There are many people who come from other countries to try it,” remarked chef Santiago Gallardo Gazette.

Tempers are heated, but they can get worse when they discover that “Taste Atlas”, the interactive map created by a Croatian that shows which are the typical dishes to try in each country, has included the Milanese of Bariloche in the ranking of the 100 best dishes in the world .

“La Fonda del Tío”, a famous bodegón in Bariloche, ranked 72nd in the rankings and apparently 1981 kilometers away, in the Mercado Armonía in Santiago del Estero they don’t care, they will keep the FIFA video.

Open letter from a Tucuman comedian to FIFA

Letter to @fifaworldcup_es for the Tucuman Sanwi I want the slander and the PREJUDICE that says that Santiago del Estero has the best Milanesa Sanwi to be left in this ATA. First: that FIFA has no idea that SANWI will organize the World Cup. And second… France.

Source: Clarin

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