Sebastián Villa was convicted of gender violence: what decision will Boca Juniors take after the Justice ruling

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the footballer of Boca Juniors, sebastian villa He was sentenced to 2 years and 1 month in prison for engaging in gender-based violence against his ex-partner, Daniela Cortesin April 2020 in a house in a private neighborhood in the city of Canning, Buenos Aires. Due to the extended sentence, the player will not go to jail. Furthermore, the sentence, which is not enforceable, is not final either. But the question now goes elsewhere: Will the Colombian continue to play at the club? In case of continuation and taking into account the commitments of Jorge Almirón’s team abroad, will the attacker be able to leave the country?

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Boca’s management has not yet made any official communication on the matter and has hinted that it will not rush to make a decision, beyond the fact that an extraordinary board meeting has been called. In general, the idea is that the player – who also has another rape complaint in which he will also go to trial – is not called up for the next matches.

That means, the attacker will not play on Tuesday when Jorge Almirón’s team receives Colo Colofor a new group stage date of Libertadores Cup.

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What will happen next? For now, nothing is resolved. It is very probable, according to the first rumors, that Villa will no longer officially play for Boca.. The Colombian will continue to train at the club, as his right to work cannot be impeded. That is why the club cannot bear the cost of unilaterally terminating his contract. In this way he would have exposed himself to a work process. The departure can be a transfer, although with this scenario it does not seem easy for a club to try to have the services of the player.

What is the reason for leadership prudence? It is that defense of Villa, led by the lawyer martino apollo, decided to appeal the sentence, in principle, before the Chamber of Cassation. Therefore, knowing the times of Justice, it will take a long time before the sentence against the Colombian is final.

In this way Boca could continue to appeal to the same argument that has allowed them to continue to count on Villa’s services until now. Is that in the event that the appeal request is successful, the footballer could receive a reduction of the sentence he received this Friday in the Lomas de Zamora courts or even be acquitted. For this reason, some leaders were in favor of the idea of ​​definitive removal from the campus only if the sentence remained firm. The great dilemma is social condemnation.

The other big unknown, in case he continues to play for Boca, is knowing whether or not Villa can leave the country. The sentence of Justice, not being firm, keeps the player in the same situation he was in until now.

That is, whenever you have to go out you have to ask for permission before Claudia Dávalos, the judge seised. What if the player is transferred abroad? The same. You will have to ask the Justice for permission, as well as establish another residence to comply with all the obligations under the sentence.

What Jorge Ameal had said

Once the complaint against Villa was known, the president of Boca, Jorge Amor Ameal, had clarified that they would wait for the sentence of the Justice to decide what they would do with the Colombian.

“He’s in the hands of Justice, but in the meantime he’s still a club player. We want to be slaves of Justice and when it will be enacted our wrist will not shake“Ameal said in news statements.

Later, once the legal process began, Ameal had been a little more contemplative. “If he’s guilty, he needs to be treated, that’s the story. We are waiting for what justice determines. You have to help people, you don’t have to keep sanctioning them, complicating their lives. If the boy had a problem we can solve it.”

Source: Clarin

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