Indirect? Neymar Jr makes cryptic post after party rumors

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Neymar Jr shares reflective message about ‘minding his own business’ after being the target of new rumors

The soccer player Neymar Jr took social media by storm on Monday night, the 30th, by sharing an enigmatic post. The message was seen as a supposed hint after he was the target of new rumors involving his personal life.

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This Monday, columnist Leo Dias published a post saying that the athlete had held a two-day party at his mansion in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, with the presence of friends while he recovers from an injury.

Thus, the athlete shared an enigmatic message. “Taking care of our own lives is already so complicated, so why talk about other people’s lives? Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do, for being who they are. Live your own life, make your days happier and let everyone find peace in their own way,” the message said.

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Earlier, Bruna Biancardi also made a mysterious post with a message after rumors about her daughter’s father circulated on the web. “Don’t expect a person to change if they can’t see the problem with what they do.”the message said.

Post by Neymar Jr

Mavie’s resemblance to her parents

Away from work, the football player Neymar Jr He is taking advantage of his time off to spend time with his family. That’s why the Brazilian national team star is enjoying his newborn daughter to the fullest, Maviethe result of his relationship with the digital influencer Bruna Biancardi.

This Thursday, the 26th, the new dad on the block published an adorable photo with his little one on his lap. Then he showed up with his girlfriend and the baby to raise an issue. “We have a doubt here”, began the attacker, inviting his followers to take a poll.

“Who does Mavie look like most?”, asked Neymar when posting a photo of his face and Bruna’s next to his daughter’s. On social media, the public promptly began to discuss the issue and the matter went viral among internet users.

“Mini darling is a copy of Neymar”, said one of them. “He has green eyes, like Dad Ney”, pointed out another. “I’m sorry Bruna, but there’s no way, Mavie is the spitting image of Neymar”, fired one more. Some even published photos of Neymar with long hair to represent his daughter in the future.

Neymar, Mavie, Bruna

Source: Caras

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