A Brazilian footballer who had Jorge Sampaoli at Atlético Mineiro asked the coach: “What is this little guy doing?”

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Jorge Sampaoli is once again under discussion for his role as technical director, this time by a Brazilian player, when he was head of the Atletico Mineiro from 2020 to 2021 and who also obtained a degree from that institution.

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The player in question is the full-back Fabio Santos who, in fact, took the last steps towards El Gallo when the former coach of the Argentine national team began his cycle. His stay began in 2016 and he spent his last year at Atlético with the coach, perhaps not in the best way.

Sampaoli’s temperament was one of the things that caught Fabio’s attention the most. “What is this little guy doing?” the defender spoke about the man born in Casilda. The fact is that, according to his statements, the Argentine did not greet him. “I spent four months saying good morning, then after the fourth month I gave up, man. Didn’t she say good morning? “She looks at you and doesn’t say good morning.”he expressed himself with the frustration that was generating him at that moment.

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Following the thread of anger but also of humor that Sampaoli’s way of being produced in him, he commented thus “I told the guys it was actually funny because it was so unbearable.”. She becomes funny. You say ‘this guy is joking, it’s not possible'”.

However, the manager’s attitudes did not take away the good influence he had on him as a coach. In an interview with ESPN he stated that Jorge Sampaoli is good technically and that he learned many things from him. He added: “He’s a good coach. He didn’t work very well at Flamengo, but he has many things that I, who love football, could learn from him.” However, the change in mood affected the team’s functioning, which led to his quick departure from the Brazilian club.

Unlike the assessment made with the Argentine coach, Fabio remembered another of the coaches who lead his list as the worst he had. This is the case of Vitor Pereira, current coach of Al Shabab of the Saudi Professional League. “He wasn’t a good technical director,” he said.

In response, Pereira’s harsh communication was not long in coming. “He spent eight months laughing at me and my coaching staff, with an apparent good relationship with everyone, and now, after all this time, he gives this cowardly interview”he said in a note to the Portuguese newspaper Récord.

From then on the Portuguese did not give much continuity but decided to add that “only a coward can expect this type of interview, I’m sorry to say”.

Source: Clarin

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