Big Brother: killed the mother of a participant and could now be released from prison

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Big Brother or Big Brother It is considered the most important reality television show in the world. But that magnet that attracts millions of people on social media can also trigger terrible events, such as homocide.

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In this case the reference has to do with a double crime: the murderer who killed the mother of GH contestant Chanelle Hayeshe could be released from prison after a hearing United Kingdom.

Keith Pollard killed Andrea Sinclair when she was 32 in 1988 and Hayes, who appeared on the reality show in 2007, was just one.

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To make matters worse, the shocking and scandalous fact is that the crime against Sinclair occurred two years after he was freed for the murder by another woman, Violet Thompson.

After strangle her to death and mutilate her bodywas again found guilty of murder and sentenced to lifespreads the newspaper Meter.

But when everyone thought Pollard would spend the rest of his years in prison, and even more so after the Court did rejected seven requests for parolethere, the situation seems to be changing course.

He has now been granted a new hearing and, according to reports, I could get out of prison.

GHGH’s Chanelle Hayes says her mother’s killer “poses a terrible danger to women.”

Who is she and what did the former Big Brother participant say?

Chanelle Hayes became a household name in 2007 when she competed in the eighth season of the cycle just 19 years old.

With its many twists and turns, the show featured an all-female cast from day one, followed by the first male housemate two days later and It lasted 94 days, a record.

Hayes, now 36, reportedly gave a statement about the killer and left no room for doubt. “He IS a horrible man, a terrible danger for women and he should remain in prison,” he said.

This is what Chanelle Hayes looked like when she took part in Big Brother in the UK.  Photo: ShutterstockThis is what Chanelle Hayes looked like when she took part in Big Brother in the UK. Photo: Shutterstock

According to a source, he told the newspaper The sun“Chanelle fears that Pollard may mislead the Parole Board by relying on the number of courses he took in prison“.

That the labs addressed the problems that led to the crime against life, but you believe that’s a lie, “Just a smokescreen.”

How was the crime of the mother of the former Big Brother

Sinclair was a sex worker who regularly visited his client Pollard at his flat in Manchester, England. And it was there that he was strangled to death.

The cruelty of the crime involved the mutilation of the body to such an extent that, according to local reports, She was identified only by a birthmark on her leg.

Andrea Sinclair, Hayes' biological mother, was strangled by Kaith Pollard.Andrea Sinclair, Hayes’ biological mother, was strangled by Kaith Pollard.

The man was sentenced to life in prison after breaking into Thompson’s home she was 18 and he stabbed her 70 times.

To make the times and dates clearer, Pollard was released from prison in 1986 before killing Sinclair.

During an appearance in Loose women In 2016, Hayes spoke out about the murder of his biological mother.

The reality show participant, who had been raised by adoptive parents, he revealed that he had subjected them to “years of hell” trying to do so find out the identity of your biological mother.

“Mom left me and my sisters with a friend, she went out and they locked her in an apartment with a man. They strangled her and They cut him into pieces and kept him there for days“he said shockingly.

The killer of Hayes' biological mother had already killed another woman.The killer of Hayes’ biological mother had already killed another woman.

“They told me that she had taken the wrong road, that she had entered a… a life of drugs and bad decisions” he mused.

And she concluded that she ended up “prostituting herself to pay for drugs” and fate ended up leaving her locked in the killer’s apartment.

Source: Clarin

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