Boca begins its cinematic journey through the high mountains with 4×4 trucks and a caravan heading to Potosí

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For Mouththe debut of South American Cup against National team of Potosi It appears to be level two in difficulty. The first difficulty for Xeneize, on her 119th birthday, is to cross the 155 kilometers of high mountain road and winding route from Sucre to Potosí, in a 4×4 truck of the Toyota brand. The journey takes approximately three hours and the delegation had to be divided into groups of three players per vehicle.

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Beyond the wear and tear that Potosí’s 4,000 meters above sea level will mean on the pitch, Boca will first have to face an unusual journey to reach the stadium of its debut in the competition organized by Conmebol.

This is because in the city of Potosí, where the Victor Agustín Ugarte Stadium where the match will take place this evening, does not have an authorized airport or hotel with sufficient capacity to accommodate all the players together with their technical staff and staff. For this reason the Xeneize set their base in the city of Sucre and from there the plan was to head towards the roof of America.

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The image in front of the door of the Sucre hotel is striking, with around twenty Japanese 4×4 trucks, all numbered with separate signs and parked waiting for the players, in the midst of a crowd of fans and onlookers who came to greet the team. .

About three hours of travel await the Xeneize delegation in a long caravan. If I had traveled by bus it would have taken me twice as long given the difficulty of the route when manoeuvring. A dangerous precedent: on this same route, a tragedy occurred on Sunday afternoon which caused four deaths and 36 injuries.

However, despite the authorities’ recommendations, Boca’s intention is to return tonight, once the match is over. The plan is to do the same route in reverse, first to the city of Sucre, and from there take a flight to Ezeiza.

Diego Martínez intends to get off the plane and participate in a training session in the afternoon with the starters remaining in Buenos Aires to prepare for Saturday’s key duel against Newell’s in search of a fundamental step towards qualifying for the Copa de Copa playoffs. . But that will be another story.

Source: Clarin

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