A technology competition for high school students is coming soon

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A new edition of the Argentine Technology Competition (OATEC) arrives, an annual event designed to inspire scientific-technological vocations among high school students across the country. Registration is now open online and free until August 31st, through the official competition website: www.oatec.org.ar

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The competition is organized by the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) and as a prize offers scholarships to study at that university and computers.

By exploring the theme of “Technology in Agriculture”, OATec will offer participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and cultivate skills to analyze, interpret and deal with situations related to scientific-technological activities. Furthermore, the assessment will cover general knowledge on this year’s topic, order of magnitude management, deductive logic and problem-solving ability.

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To participate, interested parties must be interested regular students of the educational institution in which students under the age of 19 participate and can register in the year of the competition.

The winners of the first three places will receive scholarships to study at ITBA of 100%, 75% and 50% respectively, as well as receiving a computer for the 1st place and a tablet for the 2nd and 3rd places each. Likewise, the corresponding guidance teachers will receive diplomas and a tablet each.

“Our commitment to the development of the country and the region aims to solve humanity’s main problems through technology. That is why OATEC is a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of those students who stand out for their talent, commitment and commitment,” said OATEC President Dr. Jorge Ratto.

You have time to register until August 31st.You have time to register until August 31st.

In this edition, the jury The evaluator will be made up of leading ITBA professionals, who will analyze aspects such as general knowledge related to the proposed topic, aptitude for planning and problem solving, manual ability, efficiency in the use of resources and presentation ability.

The members of this jury will be: Dr. Jorge Ratto, Dr. Laura De Angelis, Lic. Giuliana Espósito, Ing. Sofía Fraga and Lic. Susana Fattori.

At ITBA, the Bachelor of Business and Social Analysis, the Bachelor of Business Management, Bioengineering, and Electronic, Industrial, Computer, Mechanical, Marine, Petroleum, and Chemical Engineering are taught.

Source: Clarin

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