The volunteers killed in Gaza in an Israeli attack are dismissed as “heroes”: three were former British soldiers, war veterans

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British aid workers killed by an Israeli missile in Gaza on Tuesday three former British soldierswar veterans from Bosnia and Afghanistan, who provided security to the NGO’s aid mission Central World Cuisine.

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John Chapman and James Kirby They were ex-Royal Marines and Kirby belonged to the SBS (Special Boat Services) special forces. James Henderson He was an Army veteran. They were working as private security contractors for a UK-based company, providing security for the humanitarian mission, when three missiles destroyed the convoy. He including that of the two armored cars that transported them.

The victims of the Israeli attack on a humanitarian convoy.  Photo: AFP The victims of the Israeli attack on a humanitarian convoy. Photo: AFP

Chancellor David Cameron He called them “heroes”.he offered his condolences to the families and called for Israel to “deconflict” and allow access “at least 500 trucks of aid per day”.

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The aid workers killed in the Israeli attack were three Britons, a Pole, an Australian, a Canadian with dual American citizenship and a Palestinian.

Australian Lalzawmi “Zomi” Frankcom was also killed in the attack, along with Palestinian citizen Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha, who was the driver, Polish citizen Damian Sobol and American-Canadian citizen Jacob Flickinger.

James Kirby’s family released a statement remembering him. “Along with the six other people who tragically lost their lives, he will be remembered as a hero. “James understood the dangers of venturing into Gaza, based on his experience of him in the British Armed Forces, where he served bravely on missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan,” the family said.

John Chapmann.  Photo: AFPJohn Chapmann. Photo: AFP

“Despite the risks, his compassionate nature drove him to offer assistance to those in urgent need. James, a true gentleman, was always willing to help anyone, even in the face of senseless violence,” she said. He was supposed to leave Gaza on April 1“.

Ban the sale of weapons to Israel?

In reaction to the death of workers of the Spanish NGO World Central Kitchen, which allegedly distributed one million rations but he decided to return with his ships to CyprusThe UK it could ban arms sales or withdraw intelligence support for Israel. But it also depends on what Israel will do in its “independent” investigation.

The killing of aid workers has reignited attention if Israel respects international law in its own conflict with Hamas.

Lalzawmi (Zomi) Frankcom.  Photo: AFPLalzawmi (Zomi) Frankcom. Photo: AFP

The deaths put Britain and the United States in a difficult diplomatic position. They raise the question of what those governments should do to show their anger towards the Israeli government.

On Tuesday evening, Rishi Sunak told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – in what appears to have been a tense phone call – that he was “shocked” by the deaths. Joe Biden called for a quick investigation.

Extremely annoying

It is clear that both governments they are deeply shocked by Israel’s actions. But what Britain and the United States actually do depends largely on how Israel responds.

So far, leaders and foreign ministers have expressed their condemnation and indignation. The Israeli ambassador to Britain was summoned to the Foreign Office on Tuesday. Chancellor Lord Cameron cut his Easter holidays short to address the deaths. However, this is unlikely to be enough.

Palestinian Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha.  Photo: AFPPalestinian Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha. Photo: AFP

There is a possibility that that moment crystallizes growing fears about Israel’s conduct and compliance with international law. A week ago government lawyers alerted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that Israel is violating international humanitarian law use famine as a weapon of war as well as humanitarian aid.

Solidarity with Israel in doubt

Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister, said the attack on aid workers puts “solidarity” with Israel to a “really tough test.” Canada and other countries are expected issue a formal diplomatic rebuke for the murders. Anthony Albanese, the Australian prime minister, said he was “outraged”.

It may be that the global outrage convinces Israel that it needs to pay much more attention to protecting its citizens and aid workers. You might try working more closely with the agencies trying to provide aid. The British government is likely to pressure the Israeli government to do just that. Pressure for a ceasefire will also increase.

However, Israel believes it is fighting an existential threat and that tragedies happen in war. No one doubts that he is using famine and aid as a weapon of war.

Jacob Flickinger.  Photo: AFPJacob Flickinger. Photo: AFP

Lord Ricketts, former Foreign Office permanent secretary, told Today on BBC Radio 4 that the World Global Kitchen’s withdrawal from Gaza means “that there was no structure to provide humanitarian aid”.

It is also in Israel’s interest that this works.”, She said. “If not, I think the international community should look for new measures to increase pressure on Netanyahu,” she said.

Stop selling weapons to Israel

Calls are growing for Britain to stop selling weapons to Israel. Cameron said last month that Israel’s compliance with international law was not being assessed. Such compliance is a condition of Britain’s arms exports. So, if Israel was found to be violating international law, then it would be reason to stop sales.

Polish Damian Sobol.  Photo: AFPPolish Damian Sobol. Photo: AFP

It is unlikely that such a move would change the course of the war. Britain’s contribution to arms sales It’s relatively small but includes parts of the spy plane flying over Gaza. However, it could spark similar conversations in the United States, where Ricketts said there would be a similar decision a “real turning point”.

He intelligence sharing it might as well reduce, if Israel were found to be in breach of its obligations.

Following the tragedy, the Liberal Democrats called on the UK to suspend arms deals with Israel.

James (Jim) Henderson.  Photo: AFPJames (Jim) Henderson. Photo: AFP

Party leader Sir Ed Davey said: “Clearly the idea that firearms could have been used

British manufacturing in attacks like these It’s completely unacceptable”.

“The government must act quickly to suspend arms exports to Israel. We must redouble our efforts to secure an immediate bilateral ceasefire,” he demanded.

Jean Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, said he sensed “a change in tone from world leaders” after the Israeli attack that killed seven World Central Kitchen workers.

“It should have happened months ago,” he told Sky News, referring to strong words uttered by the US, UK and other countries after the attack.

“Two hundred Palestinian aid workers they were murdered and they continued to supply weapons for this purpose, thousands of children were killed and they continued to supply weapons for this. However, they finally seem to understand the gravity of this murder of people protected by international law,” she said.

Source: Clarin

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