As in the NBA but in the Argentine League: incredible triple from midfield to win a playoffs game for promotion

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As in the NBA but in the Argentine League: incredible triple from midfield to win a playoffs game for promotion

Grun celebrated his triple: he made it from the middle of the court and 3.5 seconds from the end. Zárate Basket press photo

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This is the second game of one of the South Conference’s semifinals Argentina Basketball League Come in Zarate Basket Y Chivilcoy’s career. The first was the defeat of the team from Zarate 92 to 67, but it was more equal, with an advantage for the team leading the series. In the final quarter the difference was shortened until it disappeared when the match had only three seconds left and five thousand left.

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They still got 104 points and with little left until the end of regulation time, everything seemed to be heading for extra time. The local technician Manuel Anglese, ask for a minute and indicate the move to avoid extra time and, consequently, win the battle. When switched from the band, the unthinkable happened: Facundo Pascolat gave a pass to Federico Grun which, stepping into the central circle, launched before the buzzer sounded.

The ball went in cleanly, passed the hoop and the match ended 107-104 and unleashed madness at Zarate stadium. If the Anglese team wins next, they will reach their conference finals.

Grun arrived just two months ago with the team fighting for promotion. He did so after Lucas Andujar severed his cruciate ligaments and joined a team whose base achieved promotion from the region to the Argentine League, then qualified for the Super 8 and is now looking for a place in the Argentine elite. basketball.

The next meeting between Zárate and Racing is on Saturday in Chivilcoy and if the Anglese -led ones win, they will reach the final of their conference. If beaten instead, they will have two more chances, while the Academy will have to win three games if it wants to stay in the race.

Another key is Deportivo Viedma, which also has two wins, and Estudiantes de Olavarría. The winner of that final will be awarded the Southern Conference title, which will allow him to face the best in the North for a place in the National League.

Source: Clarin

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