“Villa could go to prison for 20 years,” the new complainant’s lawyer assured

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Despite the complaint, Sebastián Villa played on Saturday against Racing. Photo Juano Tesone

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Despite the public support he received from Juan Román Riquelme, the situation with Sebastián Villa’s procedure is increasingly complicated. yesterday, Lomas de Zamora prosecutor Sergio Anauati requested a suspended sentence of two years in prison for the case in which he was accused of harming and intimidating his former partner Daniela Cortés. But, on Friday, in the preview of the semifinal with Racing for the Professional League Cup, another more serious complaint of gender -based violence was added in which He was charged with rape and attempted murder..

This morning, Roberto Castillo, the defense counsel for the new complainant identified as R, confirmed that Villa already has two years in prison for a shortened trial, but now the sentence could be higher: “Only on complaint can my representative receive a sentence of 20 years in prison“, he confirmed to Clarín.

As Castillo said earlier in the El Trece program, Nosotros a la Mañana, Villa’s first conviction was for “a very serious crime at the social level, but which in criminal law is of low value,” although given new facts, “The expected sentence is 20 years.”

“On Friday, we denounced a sexual abuse with carnal access and based on that, what we asked her when she came into the studio was the evidence, that a lot of the women didn’t because it was a crime going on. inside the walls. and with a partner in many cases, ”Castillo explained.

Sebastián Villa with his ex, Daniela Cortés.

Sebastián Villa with his ex, Daniela Cortés.

According to the lawyer, the complainant provided evidence of the injuries caused by Villa: “The damage was so great that he went to Pena Hospital for treatment and that is how we requested the medical records signed by the doctor and that . is a very important piece of evidence where we include pictures of the damages the prosecution already has. Now someone witnessed the previous party where Villa was with the victim and after that everything he denounced happenedalong with the other people to whom he told the injury he had suffered, and that is peripheral evidence that adds to the story.

In addition, it was learned yesterday that prosecutor Anauati requested two years in prison for Villa before Guarantees judge Javier Maffucci for causing “minor damages exacerbated by the bond and for through gender violence in real competition with compelling threats ”, in the case initiated by her former partner, Daniela Cortés. As it was learned yesterday, the application was submitted on April 25th.

Now, the defense must inform the Judge of the case whether or not to follow the shortened trial, in which the parties can come to an agreement who is guilty and agree an amount to compensate the victim.

Source: Clarin

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