Gastón Monzón’s curse: he stopped again and made another major mistake that left his team with no chance

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Gastón Monzón’s curse: he stopped again and made another major mistake that left his team with no chance

Other times: Gastón Monzón, saves a fine in Huracán. Photo: EFE

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Gastón Monzón was the same as he was 13 years ago, in that decisive match against Vélez, with José Amalfitani, he was the star of the play that made possible Maximiliano Moralez’s goal and the title for the Liniers club. There are seven more minutes. But at that time there was no mistake, but he suffered a violation by Joaquín Larrivey that made possible the goal of 10 of the blue “V”. Some Huracán fans -even now- impose a certain portion of responsibility on him in releasing the ball. The truth is that the real mistake was made by referee Gabriel Brazenas, who directed that day for the last time.

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After that moment, the archer is no longer the same. It continued with the ups and downs in Hurricane until 2014 and since then he has surrounded lesser -known groups. The list: San Marcos Arica, Tristán Suárez, Deportivo Armenio, Excursionistas, General Lamadrid, San Martín de Burzaco, Midland, and a year ago he retired to Dock Sud. But …

Putting on the gloves, he accepted an offer to join the Fénix coaching staff, led by Cristian Fabbiani -El Ogre-, as goalkeeper coach. But on Tuesday, he suddenly dressed up again as the team’s goalkeeper in a match for promotion at Nacional, against Communications, the head of the controversial Apertura. And again he was marked by a goal -after his mistake- that facilitated the agonizing success of the Agronomy team.

Born 35 years ago, Monzón was called up by Fabbiani for the second time in the tournament due to the lack of goalkeepers in the squad, for various reasons. The first time he went to the substitutes bench, he had to face up again, to get back from his retirement. And he had a bad time: in the third minute of injury time in the first half, he had a disagreement with his teammate Lucas Chaparro, who switched the goal against Communications 2-1. Another curse in another related battle, saving a tremendous distance in 2009.

In this defeat, Fénix, who was fourth with 21 points, behind its winners (27), Ituzaingó (25) and Deportivo Armenio (22), paved the way for its designation. In just two games, Monzón and Fabbiani’s team ran out of opportunities to fight for the title.

He might retaliate as he did in Hurricane. In his last game against the club, for the first round of the 2014 Copa Argentina, against Crucero del Norte, he saved the penalty that allowed the Newbery Globe to continue the race. The outcome is already known: Huracán won and added his Star number 13. Not a few players offered a trophy to Torta, his nickname then. He also has the conquest.

Source: Clarin

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