FIFA decided in favor of River and Mineiro should pay Nacho Fernández

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FIFA decided in favor of River and Mineiro should pay Nacho Fernández

Nacho Fernández is one of the great figures of Atlético Mineiro. Photo: REUTERS/Washington Alves

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What began less than a month ago with a lawsuit from River before FIFA for a loan from Atlético Mineiro to pay for Nacho Fernández’s pass, on Friday began to have a more positive color for Núñez’s side: the highest that entity of international football ruled in favor and now the Brazilians they are obliged to repay the two installments they owe in the total amount of US $ 2,500,000.

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These payments must be made between August and December of the previous yearwhich caused the leadership to be led by Jorge Brito no more waiting and the formal request will start on April 26. From Zurich they have agreed with him and now the two clubs will agree on when the transactions will take effect.

A few hours after finding out that river has raised the claim to FIFA, from Atletico Mineiro They issued a statement in which they acknowledged the debt and promised to pay it.

“This is an early delay, at a cost of $ 1.66 million, spurred by the financial moment (cash flow) that the club has been going through since the end of 2021 and it has worsened in the first four months of this year. Soon because the money problem is solved, Gaul will pay “, they excused.

The “aggravation” they refer to is the interest running for debt repayment: so the amount increased from 1,660,000 dollars to 2,500,000.

The operation for the flywheel outlet is closed by 5,800,000 net dollars for the River arkpaid in part at the time of signing once all paperwork has been approved.

That was the club’s last request to agree to move to Brain, in addition to a bonus for productivity to add a few more dollars to the sale of 70% of the pass (the remainder, 25% of gym and 5% from the player, who transferred such portion, such as 15% for taxes and debts to the club).

Since his arrival in February last year, the talented midfielder has played 74 games (5,515 minutes) and scored 17 goals for Mineiro, who has already earned a spot in the Copa Libertadores round of 16.

Mineiro’s statement acknowledging the debt

Regarding the lawsuit filed by River Plate with FIFA, requesting part of the payment for the acquisition of athlete Nacho Fernández, Atlético acknowledges that there is a pending and, in compliance with its transparency policy, reports:

1) This is a particular delay, amounting to 1.66 million dollars, prompted by the financial moment (cash flow) the club is going through, since the end of 2021 and worsened in the first four months of this year. Once the money problem is solved, Gaul will pay what is due.

2) Atlético, aware of the situation, has endeavored to maintain the full timeliness of its payroll, as well as to advance extensive discussion with its Deliberative Council, in order to have the assets to deal with the heavy debts of institution.

3) It is important to highlight that Atlético has recently paid more than 100 million reais to FIFA, in previous debts to this management, and that it has already paid 80% of the amount owed for the purchase of athlete Nacho Fernández, showing good faith of our goals and management.

4) Finally, Atlético reaffirms its respect for the River Plate and recognizes the legitimate right of the Buenos Aires team to advance the said position, although the Argentine club knows the seriousness with which we act and we will continue to do so. .

Source: Clarin

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