ChronicleHockey Canada and trivialized gang rape

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Over the past 24 hours, Canadians have learned to their astonishment that officials at Hockey Canada, the nation’s most prestigious sports federation, have found it appropriate to cover up allegations of serious sexual assault involving eight of their athletes.

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TSN’s brother Rick Westhead revealed on Thursday that Hockey Canada has resolved a case of alleged sexual assault against a young woman by a group of eight junior-aged hockey players, including some members of the 2018 edition of Junior Team Canada.

The girl, identified with the initials EM, was repeatedly allegedly assaulted in a hotel room in London, Ont., In June 2018, after hosting a Hockey Canada Foundation gala and presenting a golf tournament . Members of Junior Team Canada were honored on this occasion as they won gold at the World Championships six months ago.

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In a lawsuit against Hockey Canada, the Canadian Hockey League (regrouping the three major junior circuits) and the eight alleged attackers, the girl claimed injuries totaling $ 3.55 million. The alleged attackers were not named in documents found by TSN.

The alleged victim said he met a hockey player at a bar after a Hockey Canada gala while he was with friends.

After a drunken night, he would have left the bar with the said hockey player to go to his hotel. The hockey player and the young complainant, who was 20 years old, allegedly had sex there. Following this, he would have taken seven other colleagues to his room and the girl was repeatedly attacked by members of the group. Still according to the complainant’s version, the force restrained him even though he was crying and trying to get away.

The maid’s lawyer, Robert Talach, confirmed that her client had reached a good agreement that satisfied her. Hockey Canada also confirmed that they have privately sealed the deal.

Hockey Canada spokeswoman Esther Madziya argued in writing that the federation contacted London police once its leaders became aware of the serious allegations in 2018. made recommendations to prevent such situations from happening in the future.

Ms. also said. Madziya to that TSN reporter the person making the allegations chose not to meet with police or the Hockey Canada independent investigator. He also chose not to specify the participating players. That’s his right and we respect his wishes. We have resolved this issue and, as agreed in this agreement, we will not comment further..

Dodging is classic: Seriously, we know that. Unfortunately, the case has been fixed and we have taken no action to comment on it. And then poof! Like magic, an alleged gang rape committed by eight promising Canadian hockey prospects should have slipped under the rug without anyone talking about it or asking!

In 2018, Junior Team Canada will be made up of players who are almost all established in the NHL today.

The NHL, which says it has a zero-tolerance policy on abusive behavior, released a statement on Thursday saying it knows the actions. disgusting and reprehensible which the victim blames to eight former Junior Team Canada players.

The league said it will try to establish the facts and to what extent players playing in the NHL may be involved. We will then determine what steps, if any, would be appropriate.said the statement.

Contrary to what they think, Hockey Canada leaders must now answer very serious questions.

Some may remember that less than a year ago, Quebecers, Canadians and the hockey community were furious because the Montreal Canadiens selected Logan Mailloux in the draft.

The majority of the population, including the Prime Ministers of Canada and Quebec, believe that the leadership of the Habs had no discretion in choosing a young man to take a picture with his girlfriend while having sex, then shared the picture with his colleagues. on the team. in Sweden.

CH sponsors are thinking of severing their relationship with the organization. Geoff Molson had to apologize publicly. Mailloux, who has already sought professional help, was suspended from the OHL for half of the season. He has been monitored ever since to make sure he has indeed paid for his sin.

Far be it from me to diminish Mailloux’s actions. But in the case of the regulations advocated by Hockey Canada, we are completely elsewhere. We are talking, no more or less, covering up an alleged gang rape without the perpetrators having to answer that the victim identified anything!

While it’s probably not on his schedule, Hockey Canada’s new CEO (he’s been on the job for a month), Scott Smith, really needs to step into the mike and answer some killer questions. Like this one, for example: Why does Hockey Canada feel obligated to settle a sexual assault case that has nothing to do with it?

If members of any association or company attend a convention and decide, in the evening, to go out to a bar and commit a crime, it will not hold the responsibility of the association or company. For simple and good reason there is no causal link between the two. Similarly, Hockey Canada is not responsible for the behavior of hockey players who wore a national team uniform six months ago and decided to go out to a bar after a banquet.

Therefore, it is not necessary to launch a major investigation to understand that Hockey Canada was involved in this story to protect its image and its program.

Scott Smith can also explain why Hockey Canada considers it morally acceptable to cover up those allegedly guilty of such heinous crimes.

Three years ago, when captain Maxime Comtois faced intimidation and hate comments on social media after missing a shootout with world juniors, Hockey Canada helped launch a national campaign against cyberbullying. Nothing is missing.

However, when a young woman said she was sexually assaulted by eight Junior Team Canada players, her silence was sold, the case was buried behind a cupboard, the door was locked and the key was thrown away.

Is there no other choice, Mr. Smith? Are these actions consistent with the values ​​Hockey Canada claims to promote? It will be interesting to know what the women members of Hockey Canada think and defend the same color as the alleged aggressors about it.

Finally, it would be good to know where Hockey Canada can find the necessary funds to compensate the alleged victim. Because settling a $ 3.55 million case is definitely worth more than prayers and a good handshake.

Will Hockey Canada affect the annual fee sent here by young Canadian hockey players? Or rather in the subsidies it receives from the federal government, therefore from taxpayers? Or will the national federation have recourse to the generous sponsorships it receives from privileged partners like Tim Hortons, Telus or Esso?

This compelling case shows once again that the culture of junior hockey is seriously ill in Canada. Up to the highest echelon.

This is what the trusted authors of a report commissioned by CHL a year and a half ago concluded.

This important report, as we learned recently, was quickly hidden to prevent good people from finding out about it.

The more it changes, the more it is the same.

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