Boca goes on the market, but first has to solve a key problem in order to incorporate

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Boca goes on the market, but first has to solve a key problem in order to incorporate

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Campuzano, Zambrano and Advíncula, three of Boca’s foreigners. (Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Ortiz)

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It will be a complex market, extended, with an economic disadvantage and at the wrong time for Argentine football. It is that the competition will start before June 30, when many player contracts expire, and there will be time until the first week of July to rearm the teams with the aggravating circumstance of a transfer window in Europe that will last until September.

That’s the way it goes, many clubs are cautious in their movements, aware that there may be two or three pieces that are lost along the way and that cannot be replacedat the same time as few surnames will immediately accept offers, with many days still on the horizon to wait for more juicy offers from an economic point of view.

Óscar Romero, another who occupies a foreign site.  (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Óscar Romero, another who occupies a foreign site. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Although the treasure is in order, Boca is not exempt from it. And that is why in January he moved strongly to have the backbone of the incorporations (Figal, Pol Fernández, Óscar Romero and Benedetto). So now just think about some tweaks at the express request of Sebastián Battagliais awaiting transfer and it has been decided to resolve the foreign quota as soon as possible.

Advíncula, one of the foreigners on campus.  (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Advíncula, one of the foreigners on campus. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Today the club has the Peruvians Zambrano and Advíncula, the Paraguayan Óscar Romero and the Colombians Villa and Campuzano. But the return of the Venezuelan Jan Hurtado from Bragantino Reload the limit allowed by the AFA. This is why the club is looking again for a way out for the striker who in 2019 was bought as a millionaire bet but who has not yet finished exploding at his levels.

Boca tries to negotiate with Hurtado.  (REUTERS / Pablo Stefanec)

Boca tries to negotiate with Hurtado. (REUTERS / Pablo Stefanec)

So much Peñarol as National of Uruguay they were interested in Hurtado. There have also been talks with his agent, but his exit is not yet sealed. In Boca today he has no place: in that place there are Benedetto, Vázquez and Orsini. But the Football Council needs to get rid of him in order to look at unrestricted incorporation alternatives in South America. And since the loan to the Brazilian club did not end up yielding a transfer, now they will try to make sure that in the event of a transfer it is with a purchase obligation and not with an option.

Colombians on campus.  (Photo: Marcelo Carroll).

Colombians on campus. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll).

On the other hand, from the club they are also waiting for them advance with the cards for the nationalization of Jorman Campuzano, which has been awaiting approval for a year. In the event that it occurs in the short term, he will also cease to count as a foreigner for AFA records, which is already happening in Boca with Franco Fabra, naturalized Argentine years ago. Even with Campuzano there have already been negotiations to extend their relationship (and improve their salary) with the alternative of a loan or sale if the opportunity arises in this market. Only if he had emigrated would it be the early return of Ezechiele Fernandez from the Tiger.

The other foreigner who might leave is Sebastiano Villa, even if an extra-sports situation (the complaint for gender violence continues its course) makes it a great unknown. Dal Boca, waiting for a resolution of the Justice, they know that they can use it but they are also open to the transfer if the option comes from abroad. In case of leaving, in Boca they will look for an extreme of their characteristics and among the alternatives there are surnames of different nationalities. For this reason, in a complex market, resolving the quota is essential.

Source: Clarin

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