Boca enjoys the boys who have consolidated in the First Division with Battaglia and can generate income

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Boca enjoys the boys who have consolidated in the First Division with Battaglia and can generate income

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The boys from Boca, key. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll).

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As the market begins to wake up, the competition for everyone has begun. And in this 2022 he already had it Mouth With an Olympic round, the consolidation of many of the children born from the Lower has gone from being an idea to a reality. Something that Sebastiano Battaglia, Reserve to First as a DTyou should delve into this second part of the year.

Even with the hierarchical surnames that came to the club to boost performance, those guys who rose to the first team in times of pandemic now already have a wider contact and path. Some as a starter, others as a first alternative, but all with the minutes that Boca did not give to settle in the squad and that now have them as football solutions and also as potential millionaire sales.

Zeballos, before the year of its take-off.  (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Zeballos, before the year of its take-off. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

Alan Varela In the end it was crucial for Boca. With his penalty he defined the series against Racing and with his first official exultation he gave the team the qualification for the second round of the Libertadores against Deportivo Cali. Positioned as the five of Battaglia, the boy that Russo placed before anyone else in the First Division, He has already accumulated 47 participations with the Boca shirt (28 as a starter) and an immediate future as an immovable midfield.

Alan Varela, decisive player of the semester.  (Photo AP / Gustavo Garello)

Alan Varela, decisive player of the semester. (Photo AP / Gustavo Garello)

Ezekiel Zeballo He already has 32 games (15 as a starter) and 2 goals, but in the first phase of 2022 he carried on his shoulders the backpack of replacing Sebastián Villa and Cristian Pavón (both sanctioned by Conmebol) in the Copa Libertadores. With logical ups and downs, with imbalances but still with a lack of decision to define, his year must now be that of taking off. They know at Boca that their potential is much wider and they highlight it from the TD to the team captains and the club vice president. Santiago has earned an option at times also on the figure of Eduardo Salvio and now they have to compete for a place with so many minutes of play on them.

The function of Christian Medina it was changing. First as a piece of relief in the middle of the field, then with offensive obligations and finally displaced by Pol Fernández. But with 57 games (32 starts) and 1 goal, he is one of the players in the squad with the most participation. And although the low offensive ambition (you work to have trampled the area with greater determination) led the Boca coach to look for alternatives, the club also refused purchase offers for him from the Old Continent. Now, with a new window, they know they will come back for it: he already has another type of quote.

Vázquez, pure efficacy.  (Marcello Carroll).

Vázquez, pure efficacy. (Marcello Carroll).

Luis Vázquez was pure goal. In 51 games he scored 12 goals and was also able to start when Benedetto was not full. Or your spare part during the 90 minutes. He has never failed and his growth is also due to the daily competition with an impeccable figure. For him there are calls, surveys, but still few purchase proposals. In Boca they are clear: their clause ($ 15 million) is worth 70 percent of the club’s record (the rest is from the Board of Trustees). Until that seductive proposal arrives, it will continue to be an option for Benedetto but with a greater continuity of matches in the triple competition that will take place in the semester.

back wait Aaron Molinas (31 games, no goals), Agustín Sández and even Gabriel Aranda. They all had minutes in the semester and now they have to take off to finish establishing themselves as their reserve teammates did. And beyond the Boca Predio de Ezeiza they wait to return Ezechiele Fernandez (in a nice gift to the Tigre), Rodrigo Montes (Córdoba Central de Santiago del Estero) and solve the possible loans of Vicente Taborda and / or Gabriel Vega, two other guys to whom the club wants to add first division rhythm. In Boca or elsewhere.

Surnames that already sound familiar, which are titles or alternatives without sounding like bets. The planning started back in 2020 today sees Battaglia two years later, counting on guys who, to a greater or lesser extent, will give him solutions in composing the squad. And at the club, sooner or later, even dollars in treasury. It is not cheap.

Source: Clarin

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