“They are a show”: Italy’s numbers continue to praise the Argentine national team

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“They are a show”: Italy's numbers continue to praise the Argentine national team

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Gianluigi Donnarumma highlighted the climate surrounding the Scaloneta. Photo: REUTERS / David Klein

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After a semester to forget, the Italian national team begins to rearm under the guidance of Roberto Mancini who will remain at the helm of the Azzurri in this replacement process, and the first steps in the Nations League are already taking place. Italy faced Hungary at the Dino Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena on Tuesday. Victory 2-1 for the national team, but the focus is on the post-match.

After the victory that allowed Italy to take the lead in Group C, the protagonists were interviewed by the local press, which could not help underlining the heavy defeat suffered by the Italians against the Argentine national team at Wembley. The answers? They all followed the same tone, and both the DT and two Azzurra players praised the Argentine national team.

The first to refer to last Wednesday’s Grand Final was Roberto Mancini, who a few days ago had assured that the Albiceleste had ‘passed’ their summits. This time he was able to expand a little more, and he launched: “I can say we were a little tired, but Argentina had a great game and what’s more they are full of great players, they deserved the victory in Final e I think he can win the World Cup“.

With these words Mancini finished shaping his statements last week, in which he made it clear that, from his point of view, the match had been equal until the first goal of the match, which came from the hand of Lautaro Martinez. On that occasion the Italian DT had declared: “They were much better physically and deserved the victory”.

Mancini and his praise to the Argentine national team, which he sees as a candidate for the World Cup.  (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini)

Mancini and his praise to the Argentine national team, which he sees as a candidate for the World Cup. (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini)

Another who was consulted about the huge victory of the Argentine national team was Gianluigi Donnarumma, teammate of Messi, Paredes and Di María at Paris Saint Germain. “They are a show, they are very happy, they are phenomenal, they help me a lot, training with them is a privilege and they help me improve,” commented `Gigio´, who had to concede Lionel Scaloni’s three goals firsthand. squad. And it was the key to avoiding a catastrophic result in the second half.

The statements by Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni, on the other hand, went a little further, and mainly addressed to Lionel Messi. “Messi is a sight to behold, I have already experienced it in a Barcelona-Inter, it thrilled me there, I’m a fan of it. Safe in the World Cup, with Lautaro (Martínez) and Joaquín (Correa), I will cheer for Argentina”, Launched the 23-year-old defender.

Thus, Italy begins to turn the page and try to make a strong step in the Nations League with the aim of leaving behind a very difficult start in 2022. In general, a draw against Germany and a win against Hungary were enough to leave Azzurra in first place in Group C. Next Saturday they will defend the advantage against England, who have just accumulated a point and are in the last position in the area.

Source: Clarin

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