An image and an illusion of Ten: why a widespread photo of Messi at Wembley revolutionized networks

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An image and an illusion of Ten: why a widespread photo of Messi at Wembley revolutionized networks

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Where is Diego? A user found it in public. Photo @saritalcual – MFBuente

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The photo is in black and white. Whoever fired was out of focus Leone Messi and in the background you can clearly see the spectators in one of the side stands at Wembley where the Argentina And Italy they played the Final. Maybe with a lot of free time or because he was looking for himself in a crowd, one person decided to enlarge the image.

He looked at the faces, the expressions, the details of the spectators until he came across a familiar physiognomy. Hunched over, wearing a cap that lets you see only one cheek. IS? The cap is from a Formula 1 team and the brand’s jacket with the three stripes. It doesn’t look like her usual dress, though …

The posture invites you to dream and the desire to see it does the rest. Oh well, Diego! repeats itself on the web. Who wants to believe, believe. And who does not, does not, but How could Italy – Argentina get lost at Wembley?

The publication was early: at 8:30 this Wednesday morning and as the minutes went by it started getting popular and adding retweets, favorites and comments. How do I do it? Without saying revealing his discovery: “I won’t say what I see. You see it. I just choose to believe.”wrote @ 4sinprojection and posted his “find Wally”.

The credit went to @saritalcual, the photographer who posted it on her account with a different slogan: I wanted to find the girl who stands out in the background, who stands to the right of Messi with the white overalls and arms raised. That’s why thousands of users started zooming in on the photo until they found that particular figure …

A few weeks ago, during the final of the Professional League Cup in Córdoba between Boca and Tigre, a user of the social network of the little bird also published an image showing a person very physically similar to the star who died on November 25th. of 2020.

Source: Clarin

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