“It seemed that I was dying, that I was climbing”: the harsh story of Rojitas, after his delicate state of health

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Rojitas and Riquelme, two of the great idols of Boca.

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A few days ago, the people of Xeneize were paralyzed to learn that the health of Angelo Clemente Rojas it was delicate. Rojitas, as he is popularly known, is one of the greatest idols in the history of Boca Juniors -club with which he won the local championships of 1964, 1965, 1969, 1970 and the Argentine Cup 1969- and a figure much loved by all his fans. The health of the 77-year-old former player was very compromised and, although he is improving, Covid-19 still leaves some consequences on his health.

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“I thought I was dying”, were the words of Rojitas. Although he is vaccinated with the four recommended doses, he has lived through some really difficult times. “The coronavirus caught me and hurt me a lot and was complicated by pneumonia. That COVID-19 is a very rare bugYou don’t know when you get it, when it goes away. They put everything into my body to improve me, “he told the Super Deportivo Radio program on the Villa Trinidad station (FM 97.9).

The five-time champion with Boca was hospitalized for ten daysand assured that it is not yet in optimal conditions but “at 70%”. Rojitas felt death up close but was able to dribble past it and keep fighting. “It seemed that I was dying, that I was going up, I thought about it many times, I swear on my mother’s grave. I was very scared. I thought about my son, my grandchildren, if I hadn’t been able to see them again, things are making worse little ones and they cried. God gave me one more life. Now I take 21 pills a day, “he added.

Boca closely followed the situation of one of his glories, in fact he collaborated when it came to transfer him from a public hospital to a private clinic. While recovering, he received a visit from William Pol Fernandezcurrent club player, and very happy with this situation, posted a post on Instagram thanking the midfielder for his visit.

On the eve of the Boca match against Corinthians for the Copa Libertadoresthe former striker was confident and did not hesitate to put his beloved club above all: “Boca will happen, will define it tomorrow. Boca are the rival to beat in the Cup for everyone. It is very messed up the Cup. Plus , I prefer that Boca win the Copa Libertadores before Argentina is world champion in Qatar, forget that I want it to be. What World Cup? I play with Boca, the joy of life will be “.

Source: Clarin

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