Independent, without a scorer for the classic: Eduardo Domínguez will not be able to count on Benegas

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Independent, without a scorer for the classic: Eduardo Domínguez will not be able to count on Benegas

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Leandro Benegas will not be against Racing and the whole Independiente regrets it. Photo: AFP

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In case something is missing Eduardo Dominguezthis Wednesday started with another bad news ahead of Sunday’s classic. It was confirmed that Leandro Benegas suffered a tear and it cannot be in the Cylinder. Independent remains without his marker for a vital crossover with Racing. The problem is, he doesn’t have a natural substitute for experience in the position. Who enters?

The morning was hectic at the Red. The local defeat against Platense last Monday caused the general atmosphere of the club to boil before the derby. And at dawn, in the vicinity of the Santo Domingo estate, menacing street parades appeared.

“My eyes hurt to see them play horribly” Y “Win or die. Players respect history, otherwise there are consequences”they were the intimidating legends that were read and put up by a faction of the bar called The owners of Avellaneda.

One of the shows that appeared in Dominico.

One of the shows that appeared in Dominico.

Independiente needs a victory to oxygenate their coach, the squad and an entire institution that cannot get out of an eternal football and political crisis. But Domínguez already knows that he will not be able to give the best of himself at the Accademia Stadium.

“Leandro Benegas sustained an injury to the rectus femoris in his right thigh. The medical tests carried out after the match against Platense confirmed the attacker’s injury, who has already started to recover.”reported the official medical report.

Benegas are the top scorer of the team with 9 goals since his arrival last semester. Beyond the fact that in the last game he was irregular, this man from Mendoza has become a key piece of the red attack. This is why his absence is a problem for the coach, who has no hierarchical replacement for the position of center forward.

The alternative is for Facundo Ferreyra to make his debut, a brand new reinforcement who underwent a medical examination earlier this week together with Uruguayan defender Edgar Elizalde. But chucky He has not yet signed the contract with the club and for now he is not qualified, like Elizalde. Both are speculated to be able to do so this Thursday, although there has been no official confirmation at the moment.

Thus, Domínguez finds himself once again in an uncomfortable situation: not knowing if he has a player or not, as happened with Gerónimo Poblete and Juan Cazares a few hours before the match with Calamar. Indeed, Poblete eventually couldn’t sign since the Ukrainian metalist has a debt of 125 thousand dollars, he has gone to his native Mendoza and is far from renewing his relationship.

Without Benegas and with Ferreyra not insured, who plays 9 against Racing? It’s all an unknown. The natural replacement is young Julián Romero, who was able to fill that spot in Benegas’ previous injury, but it is clear that he is still missing shooting in the higher category. An alternative is the entrance of Cazares or Batallini so that Leandro Fernández runs into the area.

In a couple of tests the coach will have to decide which team will cross the road to try to get a victory that calms this agitated Independiente a bit.

Source: Clarin

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