Serious incidents in San Lorenzo: a former bar leader arrested and 14 policemen injured, one of them seriously

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The joy for the victory against Boca was put aside a bit this Saturday in San Lorenzo, from Serious accidents that occurred in the New Gasometer. Following the violent confrontation between a group of fans and the police, Cristian Evangelista, nicknamed “Sandokan” and former leader of Barça barrabrava, was arrested, while 14 officers were injured, one of them seriously.

According to the official part of the Police, the excesses would have occurred at gate 10 of the stadium located in the Bajo Flores district, a few moments before the start of the classic, valid for the seventh round of the Professional Football League (LPF), when “the members of the San Lorenzo bar began to enter without a ticket “.

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For this reason, the personnel of the armed forces went to the scene to try to prevent the entry of people without tickets. But upon arrival, according to the police report, “The staff was attacked by bar members and several sympathizers were arrested, including the leader.

Aware of this situation, other members of the fans “came down” from the stands “to avoid being taken into custody” and it was there that the serious confrontation that can be seen in a video that went viral on social media took place.

Eight San Lorenzo fans were arrested by the Carabinieri.  Photo Alejandro Pagni / AFP

Eight San Lorenzo fans were arrested by the Carabinieri. Photo Alejandro Pagni / AFP

As a result of this fight, the officers had to be treated with “cuts and bruises”. one of them had to be transferred to the Piñero hospital in serious condition, with a concussion.

According to the report, a total of 8 fans were arrested and were transferred to the 7B police station where n. 35.

Horacio Arreceygor: “A total irresponsibility of the Police”

After the game, and the very important victory of Barça against Boca for 2-1, after starting the game with a disadvantage, the president of San Lorenzo, Horacio Arreceygor, severely accused against the police considering this the “violence” with which he acted It was “completely irresponsible”.

“We will do an investigation, to request the videos and if we have to act we will do it,” he warned in a press conference, from the so-called New Gasometer ship.

When asked about the causes of the accidents, the top management of the Boedo body slipped: «In the popular club there was a policeman who, when people came in, I don’t know what happened, he started shooting rubber bullets and there the bullfight was organized and moved to the stalls ”.

This version was later denied by the police. “At no time were rubber bullets fired.but the shots were fired with thunder cartridges, “said the part of that force.

The players celebrate one of San Lorenzo's goals against Boca.  Photo: Fernando of the Order

The players celebrate one of San Lorenzo’s goals against Boca. Photo: Fernando of the Order

“We spoke to the operation officer and in the next few hours we will discuss what happened. Now we go to the police station with our lawyers, “said Arreceygor, who a few seconds later assessed the positive result of the team led by Ruben Darío Insúa and confirmed the damage caused by the Boca team in the visiting changing rooms.

San Lorenzo, who hadn’t won at home since December 13 last year when they beat Rosario’s Newell’s Old Boys (3-2), prevailed with goals from Agustín Giay (37 m. PT) and Adam Bareiro (10 m. . ST), who also missed a penalty. For the visit, Marcos Rojo (27m. PT) opened the account with a header.

Source: Clarin

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