Patronato vs Tigre, by the Lega Calcio Professionals: minute by minute, live

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Patronato vs Tigre, by the Lega Calcio Professionals: minute by minute, live

To get out of the bottom, Patronato receives Tigre. (Photo: Twitter @ClubPatronatoOf)

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Patronato receives the Tigre this afternoon at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella stadium in Entre Ríos, with the need to add to drop to the bottom of the media rankings. The match, valid for the ninth date of the Professional League, is played from 4:30 pm with the arbitration of Lucas Comesaña, and is broadcast by TNT Sports.

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The Template He is going through a delicate moment and, despite having just won a real permanent final against Santiago del Estero’s Central Córdoba, he is still far from being able to breathe compared to the average. Those of Facundo Sava, who today would be descendants, add 11 points and are in the fourteenth position of the Professional League.

And Tigre, on the other hand, does not finish showing his best version at the start of the season, and barely adds 9 points which leaves him in an awkward 18th position. For now the Matador is not interested in the last table, but he needs to win in order not to lose sight of the first in the annual rankings.

probable formations

Patronage: Facundo Altamirano; Raúl Lozano, Leonel Mosevich, Alvarez or Quintana and Lucas Kruspzky; Jonás Acevedo, Franco Leys, Nicolás Castro and Sebastián Medina; Axel Rodriguez and Jonathan Herrera. DT Facundo Savas.

Tiger: Manuel Roffo; Lucas Blondel, Víctor Cabrera, Nicolás Demartini and Sebastián Prieto; Lucas Menossi, Ezequiel Fernández, Sebastián Prediger and Cristian Zabala; Mateo Retegui and Facundo Colidio. DT: Diego Martinez.

Basketball court: Foundation Council (Paraná)

Referee: Luca Comesana

Now: 16.30

TV: TNT Sport.

Source: Clarin

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