Creevy has reached 94 games with Los Pumas: “We, the players, are the masters of the team”

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Creevy has reached 94 games with Los Pumas:

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The day of the return: Los Pumas against Scotland in Jujuy. Photo Marcelo Carroll

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17 years ago Augustine Creevy He wore the Argentine rugby team shirt for the first time. And he Puma 643just like the nomenclature it carries Argentine rugby federation. He was captain from 2014 to 2018: no one else has worn the ribbon so many times. when Mario Ledesma arrived as a coach, chose another player as the leader and gradually took his place The Cougars It got smaller, until it disappeared. The farewell of World Cup in Japan in 2019, before United States of Americait was also the beginning of the absences of prostitutes in the national team. Until the arrival of Michele Sheikawho summoned him again.

The Cheika era is that of Creevy’s return. The five matches of The Cougars in the country –Jujuy, jump Y Santiago del Estero in view of Scotland– and those of mendoza Y Saint Johnin view of Australia for him Rugby Championshipwere the matches that marked the return of the attacker, who did not go unnoticed in any stadium: every time he entered as a substitute he was applauded in every province.

Cheika’s arrival wasn’t just another chance for Creevy. Apparently, Los Pumas managed to put together ideas that with Mario Ledesma – the former coach – were absent. After the series against Scotland and the historic victory against Australia, the team shows another face. What has changed?

Moment of the anthem in Santiago del Estero, against Scotland.  AFP photo

Moment of the anthem in Santiago del Estero, against Scotland. AFP photo

“With Michael and all the staff we now have meetings, not before. We talked about mentality at different points in the game. We talk about being winners, which we don’t like to lose. And inside everyone talks: the big names are talking … and the fruit is the game we won with 50 points “, he is enthusiastic, and closes the 48-17 against the Australians.

“There are so many guys who hold the position, which is what we lacked long ago. We understand that we are the owners of the team, we are the players, the others – the coaches, the staff – are here to help us. But we are inside. the court, “he released without ready-made or convenient sentences, in an interview given to the ESPN signal.

Creevy’s return at the age of 37 finds him making history. He became, along with Nicola Sanchez the player with the most appearances in the history of the national team. In two weeks the Los Pumas will play against the All Blacks and if he is called up and plays, he will inaugurate a new record. With the arrival of him Cheika has implemented a rotation system within the squad, which allows him to see more players at the same time: almost no one has a guaranteed position.

If it enters the rotation, it will return for the last two dates: one in South Africa and the rest in Buenos Aires. “We hope he will be on tour and with the All Blacks. With my friend (Nicolás Sánchez), we will come together, but I am a forward and he is a full-back. The forwards push me so that I get there first,” he said laughed. . .

Action in the rugby league in the city of Mendoza.  Photo Juano Tesone

Action in the rugby league in the city of Mendoza. Photo Juano Tesone

The return to the Pumas

“I knew them all. I found a squad with a different energy, beautiful and positive. Every time there is a change of coach, you know, the energy is different, whether you like it or not. They are new faces, things new and the team grabbed it and it worked for us, “summed up Cheika’s arrival.

“Sometimes it’s not easy, but it was done automatically and we chip Michael Cheika and decided everything. We won the series – we took it like that, as a series, because we won more points than them in the first game. , they are small battles that we are winning “, he analyzed the present.

“I’ve seen a totally renewed, calm, confident team. The full backs are crazy about how they are playing and so are the forwards. If we keep doing things well, we are progressing,” Creevy said.

“I really missed what was experienced in every stadium, in every province. When we got back to the hotel, there were 50 people waiting for us just like in training. The love they give us is very missed. See the boys , those who come from their clubs with what it costs them, make me remember when I was there “, he drew.

Creevy in Mendoza with a guy who jumped on the pitch.  Photo Juano Tesone

Creevy in Mendoza with a guy who jumped on the pitch. Photo Juano Tesone

Next stop, Oceania

The campus left San Juan on Sunday morning and took a charter flight to Australia. There the players will have a week off and the following Saturday they will travel to New Zealand to prepare for the two games against the All Blacks, for the third and fourth round of the rugby championship.

“At home it will be difficult, I do not mean impossible, but we will have to work hard. Their moment alarms me: you do not know if they are right or wrong. But they are the All Blacks and at home they are different from all the others”, analyzed.

Source: Clarin

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