A gunshot wounded in front of the Aldosivi headquarters in a fierce confrontation between bars

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A gunshot wounded in front of the Aldosivi headquarters in a fierce confrontation between bars

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The attack on the players’ cars took place in the Aldosivi property in Punta Mogotes.

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Aldosivi has no peace. On Friday evening, a new episode of violence was recorded in the clubhouse of Mar del Plata which culminated with a gunshot wound fan. went after a clash of bars after midnight in the building located at the intersection of El Cano and Bermejo. The incident occurs a week after the campus attack that found the cars on fire.

According to police sources from the third police station of Mar del Plata, a A 51-year-old man arrested when he escaped from headquarters with a firearm. Meanwhile, the gunshot wounded suffered an impact in his arm and another fan was beaten.

The fight has been serious and has alarmed the management of the club, which is on permanent alert for what happened with the vehicles of the players on the property of Punta Mogotes. It emerged that a group of fans linked to the San Martín neighborhood was at the scene – as is usually the case on Friday nights – when a young man from another faction appeared, who was beaten with sticks.

After being injured by the beating, this fan went for help and returned with another individual who As soon as he passed the clubhouse he was shot in the arm.

Some neighbors alerted by the explosions called the carabinieri, while the two injured fans left the club and the others got into a Peugeot 307 to escape.

A cell phone from the Third Police Headquarters arrived in a few seconds and managed to intercept the car, at the wheel of which there was a 51-year-old man and three other young people. When he was kidnapped, the driver had a 9mm caliber pistol with the numbering removed, according to the newspaper La Capital.

The four fans were initially stopped, but after evaluating the situation, three were released and only those who possessed the weapon remained at the disposal of the Justice.

One version indicates that the two injured are part of the group of Italy square, who is responsible for the fire in the sports facility. Meanwhile, the others who took part in the fight last night are members of the “official” bar.

As are the interiors of the Aldosivi bar

“They are not fans, they are criminals”, a taxi driver points to the Edison stop and October 12, the heart of the port of Mar del Plata, where the attack on the Aldosivi property had a strong impact. For now only hypotheses, various, and the memory of strong inmates who at times crossed the factions of the bar, with shots and arrests.

In those episodes the figure of the “boss” of the bar always emerged, luigi comannicknamed The Indianarrested during operations and after riots on the same property where five cars were burned on Thursday.

In a friendly against Unión played in January 2018, there was a clash between the factions, one of them identified as Heavyand consequently he was arrested by personnel of the Prefecture, competent in port to act.

Aprevide’s staff had warned them of the presence of Coman, then 47, who was accompanied by three other people in a black Peugeot 206.

Coman had already been arrested in a match against Arsenal de Sarandí. The one that the “boss” of the “El Tiburón” bar is prohibited from approaching the club by court order. He had also fallen prisoner, with two of his teams, ahead of a game against Vélez. There were 27 inmates and 23 were from Aldosivi.

“We were following them, so we intervened. It is clear that they are mafia, only in this way can we understand that they had a firearm, bullets and knives to enter a court, “said Juan Manuel Lugones, then head of Aprevide, who a year earlier had denounced a tightening of the players. Aldosivi on the very day that DT Fernando “Tete” Quiroz was sacked.

Source: Clarin

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