“Fútbol blind”, the book that tells the moving story of Los Murciélagos

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“Fútbol blind”, the book that tells the moving story of Los Murciélagos

“Blind football”, the book by Alejandro Ansaldi.

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The story of the overcoming of the Argentine men’s soccer team for the blind, The batsa world power, has its well-deserved book entitled precisely “Blind football”written by the journalist Alessandro Ansaldi published by Ediciones Al Arco.

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The “Fútbol Ciego” (the art of flying like bats) traces the history of the team as it used a ball not with a bell but with caps of soda, to make noise and hurt the feet of the players.

Long before they became power and reference, The bats they had to go through endless obstacles: their story, therefore, is a story of inspiration.

And within the history of the chosen one, the minimal stories that have allowed this reality: that of Enrique Nardone, who left the family business to become a physical education teacher and ended up planting the seed of calcium for the blind; that of Salta Antonio Mendoza, who made enormous efforts to attend every call, or that from the crack Silvio Velowhose surname was linked to the great enterprises of the Albiceleste.

Minimal stories of personal improvement to act in a bigger and better story: that of collective improvement. Up to becoming an example.

The book by Los Murciélagos is part of the interpretation that, since its launch, Al Arco has made of the so-called “sports literature”, a gateway to the world of books.

Source: Clarin

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