The reasons for the harsh penalty against Leyendeker for Zeballos’ injury: seven or eight dates that leave him without the final stretch of the championship

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The reasons for the harsh penalty against Leyendeker for Zeballos' injury: seven or eight dates that leave him without the final stretch of the championship

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Leyendeker runs into Zeballos: the court will give him at least seven dates. Photo Telam

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The Disciplinary Court of the Argentine Football Federation (AFA) will release this Thursday the verdict of the “Leyendeker” case, the defender of Agricultural who hurt Exequiel Zeballos, from Mouth, in the match that both played for the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup. Sara seven or eight dates which apply to all local competitions, but which will have effective compliance in the tournament of First Nationalbecause he is the only one who disputes the club’s Carlo Casares.

When the members of the Court meet in the morning to close their judgments and send them for official publication and entry into force, the care in the drafting of the arbitration reports of every game will have been decisive for the number of games foreseen as penalties for each situation.

Because although on the pitch he first felt that it was a lack of a yellow card and then, at the request of an assistant, he changed his opinion and showed a red card, the referee’s report Nicholas Ramirez contains sufficient detail for the Tribunal to have little doubt as to the fact seven or eight dates. Not one more, not one less.

They will be counted for all official competitions, but since Carlos Casares’ team has been excluded from the Copa Argentina, the only tournament in which Leyendeker will be able to perform the free kick is the First National. The two games that Agropecuario has played after facing Boca will be counted, so much so that the defender will have a disqualification of five or six dates left and will be ready to return to the last or penultimate game of the championship, with everything certainly already defined.

After the expulsion, Leyendeker was provisionally suspendedwhile the court analyzed the case, which was in the media spotlight.

Differences with Sigali

When the media bombing of Zeballos’ injury was in full swing, the need for an exemplary sanction began to transcend, despite knowing the disciplinary court members would be targeted for being a Boca footballer and a promotion one. Everyone was wondering if it would be the other way around.

And in this same bulletin, in fact, there will be a differential case and it will entail Leonardo Sigalithe defender of He ran that against the San Lorenzo was sent off: a revision of the VAR also changed yellow to red for the foul adam bareiro which took him out of the field injured. Although, unlike the ape Zeballos, the injury is not serious, the Academy defender will barely be two dates unable to play The reason? The report of Fernando Espinoza that he barely refers to that action as “rough play”.

The Court analyzes the cases based on what each referee writes in his or her match minutes. If we consider details, circumstances and other findings based on a fault, the penalty will increase according to the points of the regulation that it entails. If it just says “rough play”, it will fit the two dates covered by the definition.

Everything is tabulated. For the same reason, Thomas Chancalay will add an extra date to the two that would correspond to him due to the abruptness of his action: he is a repeat offender and that is why he will be eliminated in three.

Source: Clarin

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