The unexpected confession of Pipita Gonzalo Higuaín: “I lived 15 years in an unnatural way”

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The unexpected confession of Pipita Gonzalo Higuaín:

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Pipita Higuain recalled her suffering. Until her arrival in the United States … (photo Inter Miami Press)

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Gonzalo Pipita Higuainstriker who knew how to play in the Argentina national team for nearly ten years, he’s been going through some good news in the Inter-Miami and, for this, the 38-year-old striker was interviewed by the Hispanic networks of the Major League Soccer, where is it He spoke about his present, the personal situation he is experiencing and, moreover, his departure from European football.

“My arrival here (in the US) was simple. I had exhausted the desire to be in Europe. In that bubble, in that constant pressure. I was in the eye of the storm for everything I did. Coming here lowered the exposure, I was close to Argentina, the time zone was also good and the city is wonderful. So I’m happy, “explained the former player of the real Madrid Y Juve.

During the interview, the footballer born in the French city of Brest recalled all the criticisms that were present during his stay in the Old Continent and talked about the needs that come from being in the most competitive leagues: “When it comes to playing so high level, elite, your behavior is unnatural to any person’s. You have to put up with the things they tell you on the street and you can’t react because they register you. I had to live unnaturally 15 years of my life. You have to eat a lot of things without reacting. You have to judge the people who really do the wrong things, not if you lose or win a game, or if you make a mistake or score a goal. “.

Gonzalo did not have an easy path in European football and had to receive many criticisms over his physical condition several times, mainly during his time at Juventus in Italy. Already 34 years old, the Inter Miami player seems to have changed the focus of his life and left those moments behind.

“Now I enjoy everything. My family, my wife and my daughter, who are unconditional. I enjoy the things that I could not enjoy before and without being under the eye of the storm. It is currently one of the happiest moments I have experienced in my career. To be able to finish the warm-up and kiss my wife and daughter. Finish the game and let them be there, at the foot of the field “, remarked the player who left the River.

Source: Clarin

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