“Aguante Román y Cristina”: the cry of a Boca fan who caused a general whistle in La Bombonera

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A Boca fan who praised Juan Román Riquelme and Cristina Kirchner this Sunday night at La Bomboneratook one general whistles. The striking episode took place during half-time promotional action against Atlético Tucumán for the Professional Soccer League, which ended in a 2-1 local victory.

“I’m with my son, a Fifth (Division) player, in the audience. I am encouraged by the people in the upper stands, by the Lifetime fans, by all the best fans in the world “, praised the” xeneize “fan to the fans who listened to him through the stadium speakers. earned a thunderous whistle when he exclaimed: “Wait for Román and Cristina”.

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The man sent a kiss with his palms towards the arch overlooking the Riachuelo, opened his arms and turned towards the inside of the central circle, to execute a shot from the center of the playing field towards the opposite sector, as as proposed by the competition that had him as a participant.

He placed the ball on the center point, blew kisses again with his hands in an unknown direction, took a few steps back and, lying on the ground, kissed the grass. Then, in the end, he kicked the ball. However, his shot was extremely weak and inaccurate. So, in what could very well be a record, took the second whistle of the night, in less than 20 seconds.

The The collective rejection of the Boca public quickly went viral on social networkson a night in which the controversy was resolved at the Alberto J. Armando stadium over the decision of referee Fernando Espinoza not to sanction a penalty for Atlético Tucumán in injury time, which could have changed the 2-1 in favor of local which, in the end, was the final result.

It also occurred the day after the incidents that occurred near Cristina Kirchner’s home in La Recoleta between supporters of the vice president and the Municipal Police, after the placement of a fence in the area.

After hours of tension in the vicinity of Juncal and Uruguay, the demonstrators who tried to support the former president in the cause known as Vialidad, in which the prosecutor Diego Luciani asked for a sentence of 12 years in prison and l ‘ban on holding public office for life against Cristina Kirchner, they decongested the place.

They did so after their political leader invited them to go “to rest” after “a long day”.

The (other) controversy of the night in La Bombonera

Another of the great controversies of the evening, as part of the date 16 of the Professional League, occurred at the end of the match that Boca overturned against the leader, Atlético Tucumán, finally winning 2-1.

In the epilogue of the match, the Peruvian defender Carlos Zambrano went to play a ball in the area with his elbow raised and hit Maestro Puch in the face, but neither the referee Fernando Espinoza nor the VAR understood that it was a penalty .

Even after the match, despite the sharpness of the visuals and replays, Espinoza insisted that his decision was the right one. “We interpret the same thing with the VAR. After seeing the play I am still convinced. If we take the photo it is red and arrested. But you have to see the general movement and there is no penalty”, the judge assured in a chat with TyC Sport.

Espinoza was very convinced: “The Zambrano thing was just a sustained arm. I am convinced. We spoke yes with the VAR. The VAR calls if there is a clear and manifest error and they have not seen it. Then we saw it again and it’s not a penalty. “


Source: Clarin

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