Pablo Prigioni and his reasons for accepting the challenge as coach of the basketball team: “The commitment is enormous”

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Pablo Prigioni and his reasons for accepting the challenge as a coach of the basketball team:

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Pablo Prigioni and his first words as coach of the Argentine national team. Photo: video capture.

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Pablo Prigioni became the new coach of the Argentine basketball team. It is true that the context was not the best, due to Nestor’s departure That Garcia surprised for the moment. But the arrival of the historic point guard and one of the most notable references in the history of national basketball aroused immediate enthusiasm, due to the immediate challenge: the AmeriCup which will take place this Friday in Recife, Brazil.

The 45-year-old Cordovan revealed on Thursday how swift the process from offer to acceptance was, bearing in mind that Che García’s departure was decided just hours after his victory over the Bahamas on Monday night in Mar del Plata and that he has retained his seat. as an assistant to the professional staff of the Minnesota Timberwolves, in the NBA.

“The job I have in the NBA could have been a hindrance, but the total support I had from both the manager and the entire franchise to get me accepted was decisive. They supported me and gave me the flexibility that the position requires, ”said Prigioni, who will also be on the bench in the next windows of November and February, where the 2023 World Cup qualifiers will close in Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan.

A native of Río Terzo, he has crossed Spain’s Baskonia and the Brooklyn Nets since he decided in 2017 to cross the line. In addition, last year he started working as an assistant within the national team coaching staff (in the latter window he participated in the start of the concentration in Bahía Blanca, the first stage in Mar del Plata and the match in Canada), and will now take over as head coach.

“The commitment for the national team and for the players is very great,” explained Prigioni. “I had the opportunity to be with the players for much of this process and I felt that now was the time to accompany them, just before this tournament. The goal is to give them all the support and tools to make a good tournament, which we all aim to have a good first game and to play the best basketball possible, ”added the point guard who has had a professional career of 20 years.

A point in favor of Prigioni is the knowledge he has of the group of players as well as important points of the same preparation of the team and the confidence he has in front of what awaits him.

“I have knowledge of the team and the players, this is important. A lot of what they’re playing and installed we’ve done in preparation, so that’s something to highlight. The set-up that the team has had in this month they have been together has been very good and I think they are ready for a good tournament. We trust in that, in the potential, in the hunger and desire to compete they have ”, she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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