Mateo Messi’s reaction when he got his father’s statuette for the World Cup album

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Mateo Messi's reaction when he got his father's statuette for the World Cup album

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Mateo Messi got his father’s statuette.

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Matteo Messi He joined the thousands of people who collect figurines for the Qatar 2022 World Cup album and received a very special figurine for him this afternoon. His mother, Antonella Rocuzzo, this Wednesday afternoon, he shared a photo of Mateo on his personal Instagram account carrying a figurine obtained by opening one of the envelopes in both hands. To her surprise at her, she pulled out the figurine of from the envelope Lionel Messi, his father.

The smile invaded Mateo Messi’s face when he opened one of the envelopes containing the stickers of the World Cup album which will take place from 20 November to 20 December. There at home, with his mother, Mateo began opening envelopes to discover new players and complete the album. But there was one that caused him total happiness to find: of his father.

Antonela took care of making public the image of Mateo holding the figure of Lionel e exhibiting it with a face of absolute happiness. Mateo, like his other two brothers (Tiago and Ciro) are huge fans of their dad and prove it in every situation. But they also incorporated their father’s passion for Argentina from the Argentine national team.

Despite the fact that the children have grown up for most of their lives in Spain, especially Thiago, 12, and now in France, love for the national team is rooted in their hearts. Produced by being born admirers of his father and the clubs he represents, the colors albiceleste They live with children and for this reason, on 11 September, when Mateo was celebrating his birthday, he decided decorate it with the colors of the Scalonetathe AFA championship and the new edition of the jersey he will wear at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Source: Clarin

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