“I wasn’t looking for fame, I was trying to be a footballer”, Rodrigo de Paul’s reflection and his relationship with Tini Stoessel

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Rodrigo De Paul, one of the key pieces of the national team. (Photo: Juano Tesone)

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In the middle of the ride Argentina national team through Miami in preparation and to finish adjusting the final details a little under two months Qatar 2022, Rodrigo De Paolo He spoke and clarified several issues that had been in the eye of the hurricane in recent months. Furthermore, she expressed what it means to wear the albiceleste shirt and how he will face the months before the World Cup.

“Practically the World Cup always goes through my head, missing less and less”. Those words expressed by De Paul represent the anxiety and the desire to kick off the ballot for a group whose ultimate dream is to once again win a title of this caliber for the country and for Argentine football.

The player of Atletico Madrid He talked about the situation in which his first participation in the World Cup arrives: “Physically and mentally I feel good, in a good moment”. And beyond what perhaps many believe, he revealed that it is very difficult for him to enjoy the games. “I’m sure I didn’t enjoy the World Cup month. A lot of pressure, competition and anxiety. I’m trying to enjoy until the day it starts. As a player I enjoy the previous one, get up early, have a partner, but when the game starts it’s hard for me ”.

There has been a lot of talk about the former Racing in recent months, but not for something that has to do with football reasons, but for its media separation with Camila Homs and her subsequent relationship with the famous singer Martina Stoesselbetter known as Lowercase. “I didn’t try to be known, I tried to be a footballer. I have a life like any normal person who can separate. Life has led me to meet the person I am with now “, said the steering wheel. On the other hand, he showed his happiness for the relationship he has with the singer and for what unites them: “We are two young people who try to bring joy to people”.

He also commented on a situation that made a lot of noise at the time, due to his open legal conflict with Homs, which was finally closed, but which could have caused him problems when he entered Qatar. “It was foolish to say that I could lose the World Cup”he clarified.

Puffing his chest and very confident of the role the team has been showing for almost two years, he said he couldn’t understand the doubts generated by seeing the Argentine team compete with European teams and left a clear message: “We have more than 30 matches without defeats, but the match against Italy has certainly removed all doubts ”.

Although he is not one of the longest-serving players in the national team, he feels it is important to be able to be close to the youngest who are just making their first weapons. “For us it is incredible to be able to help them as the greatest helped us in that moment”were his words. The midfielder did not hesitate to express his relationship with Albiceleste. “I think the bond I had with the national team was very strong. Win 2 titles, be the one who remained undefeated for the most games. However, you never feel like a player of the national team due to the constant appearances that there are “.

One of those likely to play for his place on the final list for Qatar on this tour is Enzo Fernández, who is one of the great revelations of European football since his arrival at Benfica in Portugal. “Enzo is an aspect that makes us very happy”, he said.

Source: Clarin

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