Lionel Scaloni: “It bothers me not to be able to count on Cuti Romero”

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Lionel Scaloni:
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Lionel Scaloni in Fort Lauderdale. (Juano Tesone, special correspondent)

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Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni said it was “a problem” not to be able to count on Cristian Romero, the English Tottenham defender who was unable to travel to Miami due to a visa problem. “It bothers me not to be able to count on Cuti because this was the last chance before the World Cup to train all together,” said the coach.

The national team will play a friendly against Honduras this Friday in Miami. And on Tuesday, in New Jersey, he will close his tour against Jamaica, in what will be the last friendly preparatory before the World Cup.

The best sentences of the Scaloni conference

The group: “Beyond the names, the team always plays the same way. The bulk of the team will always be there. Tomorrow we will make some changes.”

Ability to do the list: “When the player is on the pitch he doesn’t think about anything other than the game, otherwise you won’t be thrilled. You have to get rid of that nervousness for what’s to come. It’s a World Cup, everyone’s dream, but first you have to play in the clubs, you have to play, be available for the manager who is on your team, and then think and be available for what comes “.

Enzo Fernandez: “Like everyone who has been called up, he has the chance to play. We appreciate that he can have his chance, he is in the group, he can contribute with us, just like Palacios, who did not come due to injury. We see what happens.”

“When the time comes to make the list, we have to see how everyone is. Today Juan and Ezequiel are not injured. Today it is useless to say how many attackers or defenders I will bring. Then it depends on how they are. Sense.”

Research: “We will try to do something different in these two games in case we have to do it in the World Cup, but always respecting the idea we have, to bring together players of good reputation. If there are any doubts, it is not based on performance but based on what will be needed in the World Cup. But it is useless to say now because things can happen, injuries, there may be some that lower their performance. “

The rival: “I have the utmost respect for Honduras, they are a team that has been to the World Cup and has always had and still has good players. We do not underestimate anyone. As for the three boys who are, they have the opportunity to play, they are young and they can arrive. to be the near and near future of the national team. The idea is that they can begin to see what it is like to play with this shirt. “

The weather: “Argentines in Miami make us feel at home.”

Honduran hard play ?: “I have never seen a hard game in Honduras, not at all. In this case there is a referee to intervene, but we are calm and we hope it will be a good show.

Where Enzo Fernandez looks: “I see him in the two central positions if we play with two midfielders and in the three if we play with three midfielders. He is a very complete midfielder. Enzo is a midfielder and he can play in any position there.”

“It could be, it could also be that Pezzella plays, always important, or Nehuén. From what Lisandro tells me, if he goes well, he will play.”

“Juan Foyth’s case is special because he can cover various defensive roles. He was at an excellent level, but I don’t know how long he’ll be out if he’s fit. We have to wait.”

Messi: “I talked to Leo. He will always play with me, there is no doubt, unless something can happen. He will always play and will be on the pitch. He is well, happy, plays well, in a team that has found the way to play who he understands that. I evolved that team, as always. Happy. “

Are the stickers sold out? “My son does, he collects stickers. I didn’t know they were out of stock. For the rest I think it’s good that they can enjoy Leo in the national team jersey in Miami, I didn’t know it was the first time.”

Source: Clarin

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