The fury for Leo Messi in Miami broke the protocol of the national team and people were able to get into training

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The fury for Leo Messi in Miami broke the protocol of the national team and people were able to get into training

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Fury for Messi in Miami. (Juano Tesone, special correspondent)

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It was not expected. Rehearsals on Miami’s extremely humid afternoon would be closed to the public, just as they have been on this Miami tour so far. It was expected that the press could take pictures for only 15 minutes at Inter. However, the plans and the entire national security protocol had to be changed due to the large demand for people who gathered outside the camp. And the Argentine fans were able to experience the last training session of Leone Messi and company before Friday’s game against Honduras.

Anger for 10 rosarino made it possible. Since the national team arrived here, in the city of the North American sun, the fans have gathered more and more numerous to the tests, always behind closed doors, of the team commanded by Lionel Scalloni. And on Thursday afternoon, the expectation exceeded all expectations.

The last preparation session for the first friendly duel of this tour before the Qatar 2022 World Cup took place in the atmospheric stadium of the Inter-Miamiclub where he plays Gonzalo Higuainwho in recent days has crossed paths and greeted his former teammates.

the admirers, mostly Argentines residing in the United States, but also some passing by and others of Central American nationality, were gradually coming to the door. Each time the bars were busier with people. Groups of friends, families, couples. Teens and adults waiting to see Messi and the rest of the figures of La Scalonetta.

AndThe mission is difficult. It is that local security is very strict and keeps the Albiceleste campus protected with a failure or loss free operation. These days you could not smell the footballers going from the Hotel Le Meridien in Fort Lauderdale to Inter Milan and vice versa and nothing more.

But campus security, together with the delegation, decided to wink at the fans and give them back a little of all the affection given to them. Then the plans were changed: the doors suddenly opened. And people could enter batches, always with strict access control and guarded by local security personnel.

Thus, all those present, with mobile phones in hand, were able to sit in the stalls west of the camp and watch the best player in the world train alongside his teammates. And they, the players, were charged with that positive energy that radiates the affection of the fans, so necessary in view of a World Cup event.

While people rejoiced at the movements of the Rosary star, the coach tried a formation with five defenders: Dibu Martinez; Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Facundo Medina, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Gio Lo Celso; Leo Messi and Joaquin Correa.

The surprise of the national cast fulfilled the dream of dozens of children who saw the stars of Argentine baseball up close. Of course, there were more excited parents than the children themselves who did not stop filming absolutely everything.

Songs, applause, applause. In Miami, amidst storm clouds laden with rain and moments of bright sunshine, the afternoon was perfect for the Argentine national team.

Miami, United States. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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