The terrible confession of Pablo De Muner, DT of San Martín de Tucumán: “They threw a dead dog at my door”

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The terrible confession of Pablo De Muner, DT of San Martín de Tucumán:
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Pablo De Muner, coach of San Martín de Tucumán.

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No more surprises in Argentine football. From the burning cars in the Aldosivi estate to the Lanús parades. From the tightening of the Colón bar to the players to these hilarious statements by Pablo De Muner, the San Martín de Tucumán manager who on Thursday denounced the harassment he is undergoing and who has even transcended the club’s limits: “They did everything to me, they threw a dead dog at my door”he has declared. And it got the leaders involved.

The former central defender, in memory of the passage through Argentinos Juniors and the youth teams, also played two stages as a footballer for Santo Tucumano, currently he is the coach of the La Ciudadela team which is third in the First National ranking.

El Santo comes from a 2-0 defeat as a guest against Villa Dálmine, but the chances of promotion to the First Division exist. El Santo will play the Redoubt and if he reaches second place (he is three points from the Institute) he will directly qualify for the semifinals of the mini-tournament for the second promotion.

But De Muner’s relationship with the fans and some managers is not the best. De Muner spoke to the press again this Thursday after more than four months of silence. However, a week ago he manifested himself through his Twitter account where he wrote “I do not listen and follow”, in the face of criticism for his team’s play.

“Many people have written me WhatsApp messages, sometimes out of place. I don’t know how they got my number. Last year a priest even threatened me. These are things that people out there don’t know and pay attention to, sometimes they get tired; because I have family. In football you have to be prepared for everything. But there are issues that go beyond “, he said the last time he spoke to the media, on May 14, after the 1-1 draw against Agropecuario against Carlos Casares on the 14th round.

The team alternated between good and bad, but in the final stretch of the tournament Belgrano fell short and San Martín’s dream of winning the title vanished. The crouching detractors of De Muner came out to criticize the DT, who has now decided to take the floor again.

“I have always behaved with the truth. Incredible things have been done to me that I have never experienced in football in these six months. A dead dog was thrown at me at my door, for example. This is the hatred that I have. it’s generated through social media. I don’t know if it’s political, “De Muner said.

“Three months ago they talked to a coach. When I leave, I will certainly be the coach.”He added.

This Saturday San Martín receives Almirante Brown for the 35th date of the First National Championship with the need to win to put pressure on the Instituto, who play at home against Temperley on Sunday.

Source: Clarin

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