Sonic creator arrested for trafficking inside information

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The creator of the blue hedgehog Sonic has been arrested in the last few hours in Japan. director Yuji Naka A scandal over the use of inside information in the Asian country’s video game industry was implicated on Thursday.

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As published by Fuji News Network (FNN), the case involves two former employees of publisher Square Enix, who purchased shares by Aiming studio shortly before it was announced that they would be contracted to develop the mobile game Dragon Quest touch.

For his part, Yuji Naka allegedly acquired about 10,000 shares of the company a then sell them after the game is announcedonce its value has skyrocketed as Dragon Quest is one of the most popular franchise in the Asian country.

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Following the arrests of the original suspects, Square Enix said both were former employees and said they were working with authorities on the investigation.

Source: Clarin

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