How to calculate how much it costs to have Netflix with taxes

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Among the taxes on foreign currency purchase transactions made by credit card and tariff changes for digital services, the practice of knowing how much will have to be paid at the end of the month for music, cinema and even video game platforms It is usually a cumbersome task.

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Users of Netflix, HBO, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Google Drive, Office 365 and other digital services know the price at which they contract each of the services, but not always the final amount they have to pay for each one.

Although the cost is generally relatively low, such as Paramount Plus which it’s less than 400 pesos with taxthe reality is that when you add up all the balances, the result in pesos can get unwieldy.

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In principle, it must be taken into account that streaming services nationwide are taxed with 21% VAT, an 8% PAIS tax on exchange operations and the tax with resolution 5232/2022 of 45 % on the profit and movables account.

The total tax is 74%, although in some regions of Argentina 2% is added for gross income and 1.2% for stamps, so the additional cost of having a streaming service is almost as much. ‘80%.


To save calculator users, programmer Lucas Romero, nicknamed Luke, 31, created the Impuesto web app which also has an extension for Google Chrome, Opera, OperaGX and Microsoft Edge browsers.

We are talking about the adaptation of the website so that it has the particularity of working on any mobile phone or tablet, regardless of the operating system used.

Among other details, this platform is programmed with the JavaScript language and Next.js is an open source digital productwhere anyone interested in programming knowledge can log into GitHub to access their code and make contributions.

The Argentinian platform includes most of the streaming services. In this context, the one that arouses the most interest among users is Netflix. But there are also options to know the final price of Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Prime Music, each adjusted to their respective promotions.

Gamers also have their ally in Impuesto for calculating the price of a subscription to the Deluxe, Essential or Extra plans of PlayStation Plus; that of Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix of video games, in its Ultimate, PC or console options; and Switch Online, for Nintendo users. The service also appears in this category EA Play Y apple arcade for manzanita devices.

To all this, Lucas Romero has announced that his platform will provide support to stores in which to buy digital video games Ubisoft Store, EA Origin, Battle Net, GOG and Dekudeals.

Among other details, according to the developer, Impuesto users are usually between the ages of 25 and 35 and 70% access the web app from mobile devices.

Currently, this web app’s funding comes from what it raises in Cafecito, a crowdfunding platform focused on supporting content creators, NGOs, or independent projects.

Source: Clarin

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