ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot that is all the rage for its ability to talk about any topic

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A chatbot trained to hold conversations, who can understand and comprehend the questions, appears as the most powerful so far known. Is called Chat GPTis developed by the company Open AIand was established as a linguistic model by Artificial Intelligence.

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According to its characteristics, it has more than 175 million parametersand has been trained with large amounts of text to perform language-related tasks, from translation to text generation.

An AI is trained based on text, questions are asked, and information is added, so that this system, based on corrections over time, can automatically perform the task for which it was designed.

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In the case of ChatGPT, it was developed for have conversations with anyone. Its algorithms should be able to accurately understand questions, including the adjectives and variations you add to your sentences, and respond consistently.

The most amazing thing about this particular AI chat is that can provide very precise and complete answerseven several paragraphs.

Furthermore, it has the ability to express itself naturally and with very accurate information, which makes it very difficult to distinguish if the text was generated by an artificial intelligence and not by a human being.

This AI is so powerful and capable of generating complete and informed responses that some say so could kill Google and similar search engines. However, in many subjects he is imprecise, especially in the names and in some concepts, so he is still not going to allow you to copy what he wrote and paste it, even if it makes you feel that that moment for you is approaching. AI.

In addition to answering the question, this AI has a sense of context and recognizes everything you’ve talked about so far, so if you ask her a question related to an answer she’s given you, she’ll know if you mean it without having to give the whole explanation.

How ChatGPT works

To start a conversation with this artificial intelligence, you must first enter its official website.

When you log into the system, you will need to create an account on the OpenAI website, everything is completely free. And once you’ve logged in, you can start using this powerful chatbot.

Although the examples that appear on the screen are in English, it must be taken into account that the interaction with ChatGPT can be done entirely in Spanish. On the other hand, you may be asked to speak in any other language.

When using it, the user is recommended to experiment with different types of requests to explore all the functions of this Artificial Intelligence.

While there are no restrictions when interacting with ChatGPT, one should always keep this in mind all user types will be loggedand can be reviewed later by OpenIA developers. Therefore, it does not hurt not to include personal information or requests that are potentially dangerous if they fall into the hands of third parties.

ChatGPT – the robot assistant

ChatGPT is one of those tools whose the full functions have not yet been discovered, because in part it depends on the ingenuity of the people who interact with it. The simplest thing is to ask it to explain anything, event or concept, and the AI ​​will do it through the data it received during its training.

This is also used to write articles or summaries, being able to ask for a maximum number of characters or words that explain historical events, famous people, technological devices.

You also have the ability to write lyrics in a certain way – you can be a YouTube writer, writing it in a certain tone (casual or more serious). Or even do it with the specific tone of certain regions of Argentina.

Within possibilities, ChatGPT can write lines of code, product datasheets and comparisons. Even poems, jokes or song lyrics. Even messages like he’s talking to a 5 year old. In short, everything related to the language.

You can also ask for many other things, such as lists of web pages or tools, ask for advice on which mobile phone to buy, or topics related to general knowledge, trivialities, translations, definitions, explanations and everything that comes to mind. There are many examples and you can try asking it things that no one has ever asked before to discover new features.


Source: Clarin

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