GPT-4 arrives, the new version of the artificial intelligence chat: it will create videos from texts

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It hasn’t even been two months since Microsoft introduced the integration of ChatGPT, a conversational chatbot from artificial intelligence (IA) which relies on the GPT-3.5 model in its search engine Bing. Its success was undeniable: the Redmond technology company exceeded 100 million daily users for the first time.

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And the company goes one step further. This week will unveil the next generation of the language model of Open AI, GPT 4which, in addition to improving interaction, will embed video generation.

The news came as a surprise during the ‘AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff’ event, mainly focused on LLMa large language model capable of transform domains through learned knowledge.

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“We will present GPT-4 next week, there we will have multimode models that will offer completely different possibilities, like videos”, explained the CTO of Microsoft Germany, Andreas Braun, during his speech, according to the German medium Heise Online.

What will ChatGPT-4 be like?

GPT 4 will not be just any version. Braun spoke of a “multi-mode” model. This means that the chatbot will not only be able to answer complex questions, review texts, translate snippets or write software programming code, but will also work from images and sounds. And it will be able to generate videos.

Getting the popular chatbot to generate videos is not easy. To achieve this goal, both OpenAI and Microsoft have had to carry out very intense training during these last few weeks, because the machine needs a large amount of data so that the AI ​​learns how humans speak.

While ChatGPT is learning by leaps and bounds, Microsoft doesn’t believe the chatbot poses a risk to hundreds of jobs. It will take “a lot of experts to make the use of artificial intelligence add value,” Microsoft Germany CEO Marianne Janik stressed at the event. She recommends that companies form “Centers of Expertise” internal staff capable of training employees in the use of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft wants to lead the race for AI

OpenAI develops the ChatGPT technology.  AP Photo

OpenAI develops the ChatGPT technology. AP Photo

Microsoft has decided to lead the race for AI. The company took the lead by announcing last February the integration of ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, a way to improve search results and revitalize the search engine. at a distinct disadvantage compared to Google up to that point.

It seems that the strategy is working for him. Bing has exceeded one hundred million daily users for the first time, a figure that the technology company celebrates and which links to the preview of the new features of the chatbot based on the GPT 3.5 language model. A third of those who use the preview are also new users of the search engine.

Microsoft calls the new AI-powered Bing “validating that search needs to be reinvented and the unique value proposition to combine Search + Answer + Chat + Create in one experience“.

Source: Clarin

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