Netflix: How to know who is logged in with your account

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There was a time when many voluntarily gave their Netflix account password to friends and family. But for months the streaming company has been solidifying its position and intends to charge those extra users. That’s why it’s important to know who’s logged into your account.

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Over the past few weeks, many customers who didn’t remember having renounced their account received a warning message from Netflix that if you continue to share your account, you will have to pay more or risk losing your account. it blocks.

With this new system, it’s now more important than ever to keep track of which devices connect throughout the day. This is possible thanks to the option provided by the application under the name Manage logins and deviceswhich shows information about who is accessing Netflix and from where.

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Considering the limitations imposed by Netflix, it can be at the same time a very good option to simply log out on the devices so that the platform does not put obstacles in the way when it comes to, for example, download content.

THE site to manage available accounts.

THE site to manage available accounts.

The reason for this tool is that customers have more control over what happens in their account. But also, so that there is no one to argue with not be aware that someone other than the owner is accessing the service with shared information.

Netflix has made it clear that it is a highly requested option by users and that it is available to subscribers worldwide on the web and on iOS and Android devices.

“Not all devices linked to the account will be displayed. For example, those with no recent viewing activity, other relevant information, or when there are too many devices for it to be easy to understand,” the platform says in its help center.

At a glance, a log is displayed including the type of device used to stream content, the profile most recently used to stream content on the device, and the profile last viewed, which shows the date and now on the device. used the application.

The Streaming War: Maximum Competition

The competition gives Netflix a fight.  Photo REUTERS

The competition gives Netflix a fight. Photo REUTERS

It is no news that Netflix’s production quality is less and less attractive and that its rivals (HBO Max, Disney, Prime Video), albeit with fewer releases, gain greater acceptance through a much lower price.

In an effort to appease the commotion generated by its password-sharing offensive, the next step in its business strategy, the company has reduced the prices of its subscriptions in more than 30 countries, although Argentina is not listed.

The streaming giant justified the decision to attract more people to the platform, but for many analysts what it is trying to do is avoid a massive drain of subscribers.

Netflix just dropped prices in countries that make up a small percentage of its subscriber base. The company has already trimmed margins in parts of Latin America, India and some Southeast Asian markets, where growth has been slow.

The price of the company’s basic subscription plan was the most compressed, down about 50%. At other levels, the cuts are between 17% and 25%. None of the affected markets have the ad-supported offer.

Source: Clarin

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