The make-up with dye and water that allows you to cover gray hair for longer and without going to the hairdresser

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Anyone who decides to cover gray hair with dye is certainly looking for the most practical option, easy to apply and with less harmful effects on hair and skin. scalp.

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Within these possibilities, the lesser known alternative that is all the rage is Mix the chosen product with water.

The advantage of this technique, according to Terra’s note, will be a Greater coverage of gray hair and longer life. With which, the application will be more spaced out and the hair will not be so exposed to so many chemicals.

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How to reach it? The steps are as follows:

– Pour ¼ of the tincture container into a bowl and mix it with a good amount of water.

– With a brush, distribute on the roots and wait about 30 minutes.

– Take the missing dye and place it according to the product instructions. This will include reapplying to the roots.

Fancy colored dyes are harder to maintain.

Fancy colored dyes are harder to maintain.

natural dye

On the other hand, if you are looking for a natural proposition, the henna will be the most appropriate. This vegetable preparation, in addition to having an important covering power, deeply nourishes the scalp and strengthens the fibers.

Dye at home, a practical and economical option.

Dye at home, a practical and economical option.

Why does gray hair appear?

Gray hair is unpigmented hair fibers. They arise when hair follicles stop producing melaninwhich is the substance that gives color to hair.

The reasons for its appearance, according to a note on the Sanitas website, could be attributable to the following situations:

– Genetic background: in some families there is a predisposition to solid white at an early age.

– Fatigue: According to the same note, a study published in 2013 found that nervous tension can interfere with hormones that regulate color production.

– Some diseases: among these, the vitiligo, which involves depigmentation of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes; and hypothyroidism.

– Deficiency of vitamins B12 and other antioxidants, such as iron, copper or zinc.

Source: Clarin

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