PlayStation 5, notebook and PC in 18 interest-free installments: the best offers from Banco Nación’s gamer promo

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BNA Storethe market of National Bank, returns to the fray with a new promotion. Following initiatives to acquire mobile phones and various home appliances, the entity launched significant discounts renew notebooks, gaming computersmonitors, peripherals and even the console playstation 5.

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The “special gamer promo” will be in force, which aims above all to capture the attention of video game enthusiasts and enthusiasts so that they can buy them in 18 interest-free installments until March 28.

In the complete catalog of products, the console stands out above all playstation 5 offered by Megatone through the Banco Nación platform. Its price is $363,999, although it can be paid in 18 interest-free installments of 20,222.17 pesos. This package includes a joystick and the game God of War Ragnarokone of the nominees for Game of the Year (GOTY) in 2022.

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The PlayStation 5 console, with one physical disc plus the God of War Rägnarok video game.  Photo: BNA store.

The PlayStation 5 console, with one physical disc plus the God of War Rägnarok video game. Photo: BNA store.

Another option within the discounts for the Sony console is that of Radio Sapienza. The physical disc edition has the same number of shares, but a 377,999 pesos. Diggit, meanwhile, is selling it for $341,999 and a monthly payment plan of 34,418 pesos.

You can also purchase various accessories, such as the remote control ($14,399) and the charging station for the DualSense Joysticks ($11,999), or several recent hit games: FIFA 22 ($14,699), Deathloop ($18,186), Battlefield 2042 ($6,499), and Street Fighter 30Th ($7,579).

Products for players at Tienda BNA, the Banco Nación marketplace.

Products for players at Tienda BNA, the Banco Nación marketplace.

Those who have Banco Nación Visa or Mastercard cards they will also be able to buy computers and notebooks of the best brands. The ROG Zephyrus G14 R7 (ASUS) model with 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD solid-state drive and the latest version of the Windows 11 operating system can be purchased in 18 installments from $32,849.94.

In addition to computers, there are chairs ($39,999), desks, mouse pads ($4,999), and gaming monitors. In this section, Samsung markets the Odyssey G3 ($99,999) and OdySSey G4 ($194,399), while Viewsonic does the same with its Xg270 model with 240Hz ($278,419).

The rest of the products can be consulted on the official BNA Store website.

BNA Store gamer promo: how to buy

To get hold of any of the products in TiendaBNA the user does not have to be registered. You simply have to enter the page and select the product you want. Subsequently, after completing the shipping and payment methods, you will need to confirm the purchase. Immediately after the bank will send an email with the confirmation and then another with the details of the shipment.

In case the customer wants to make multiple purchases, he can use the tool My cardfrom where you can manage the different articles at the same time.

Once the purchase has been made, the associated merchant – who will appear in the purchase confirmation e-mail sent by the bank – will upload the tracking number in the next 7 business days so that the customer can check the status of the shipment in the mail tracking portals that the latter indicates.

In case of non-receipt of the tracking number, the user must contact the store and indicate the name of the owner of the purchase, the order number of the order and the DNI.

He delivery time is 8 to 15 working days for CABA, GBA and rest of the country. For furniture and appliances, this period will be between 7 and 10 working days for CABA and GBA and between 10 and 14 for the interior of the country.

The Banco Nación marketplace, developed by the company Nación Servicios, received more than 26 million visits, sold more than 332,000 products of the 150 participating SMEs, with offers at affordable prices and financing in fixed installments and without interest.

Source: Clarin

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