Samsung is preparing a key change in its mobile phones due to the rise of artificial intelligence

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The Million Dollar Investment Microsoft behind the success of Chat GPT and its new GPT-4 language model, built into its browser Bing It is in the chatbots Bing Chat, has caught the attention of the tech giant SAMSUNG , which will include it on your mobile devices. So it will start Google Chrome browser, generating a huge headache for the internet giant.

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as revealed The New York TimesSamsung is really preparing to abandon google in favor of this new alternative powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The Korean manufacturer reportedly communicated its future devices to Google it won’t use Chrome by default; instead they will use the new Bing search engine. The reason is obvious: Artificial Intelligence already integrated into Bing and can significantly improve the user experience.

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In Samsung’s case, according to IDC data, it shipped 261 million mobile phones in 2022, all running the software. Android by Google. The Korean company has longstanding partnerships with Microsoft and Google, and its devices come preloaded with a library of apps and services from both, such as OneDrive and Google Maps.

Bing incorporates ChatGPT technology into its searches.  (Photo: Bloomberg)

Bing incorporates ChatGPT technology into its searches. (Photo: Bloomberg)

The news was not well received by Google executives. The great fear that Samsung is the first of many to abandon Google, and that the rest of the Android phone makers follow the same path. This has motivated several projects to update and revamp their search services to avoid losing ground to Bing.

Precisely, the changes include adding AI capabilities to its existing services, under a project called magiwhich has more than 160 working people.

Google’s future revitalized search engine is an upgrade of the current Google search engine, supported by artificial intelligence models. The idea would be to offer a more personalized experience for each type of user.

In this sense, the technology company explained that this new search engine would have tools that are not available in the current version of Google, such as the ability to generate code from user requests.

They also specified that Google will include ads embedded in the results page, just like in the current version of the search engine.

Google is “excited to bring new AI-powered features to search and will share more details soon,” Lara Levin, a Google source, said in a statement. A Google representative did not comment on the company’s negotiations with Samsung. A Samsung representative declined to comment.

In the coming months, Google is expected to announce a preliminary version of this search engine at its developer conference. Google I/O 2023to be held in May.

However, the initial rollout would be somewhat limited, as it will initially only be available in the US, and there will be a user cap of one million until the end of the year, when that cap will be expanded to 30 million.

What Google is preparing: an AI image generator

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

But “Magi” is not the only novelty that Google seems to be working on. The New York Times specified that it is working on it “GIF”an image generation tool that will be integrated directly into Google Image Search.

This innovative image platform will allow users to translate their ideas into photographs generated through Artificial Intelligence, similar to what services like Midjourney or Bing Image Creator itself do.

On the other hand, “Searchalong” would be Google’s answer to Bing Chat. Apparently it would be a chatbot based on a natural language model similar to GPT-4, which would integrate directly into the Google Chrome browser. This would allow you to query the chat while browsing to get more personalized information than with classic searches.

Another of the projects, “Tivoli Tutor”, aims at language learning through open-text conversations, of course, with artificial intelligence models.

Source: Clarin

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