Motorola would present two new Razr, its foldable screen phones: what the leaks say

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The manufacturers of the foldable screen phone segment are preparing to launch their first products in 2023. According to recent rumors, Motorola appears on the horizon as the first to market a new generation of motorcycle razor.

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From the Twitter accounts @MySmartPrice and @OnLeaks on first pictures of the next foldable cell phones. A priori, the proposal of the subsidiary Lenovo would focus on two models: a high end razor and more cheaper modelwhose name it might be Moto Razr Lite.

The new versions of the original model released in 2019 would feature an external screen that more closely resembles that of its rival Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (whose size is 1.9 inches) unlike the last two Razrs, for example.

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This little panel displaying the time in the images suggests it it will be used to see notifications and access some quick features and actions, like the ability to preview selfies using the main camera, one of the biggest appeals of these foldable phones.

Razr Lite: the budget version?

The probable design of the new Motorola Razr 2023. Photo: Twitter.

The probable design of the new Motorola Razr 2023. Photo: Twitter.

Motorola, on the other hand, would try to expand the proposal with another device with an attractive design and a flexible screen, but cheaper than the main version.

The so-called “Lite” (lightweight) model would have two sensors in its main camera and a selfie camera inside.

So far no details on the processor or its technical characteristics are known, but it should have a more affordable price than the other model that Motorola will launch this year.

The top of the range of the family, known as RazrPluspromises it will be “much better” than the 2022 Razr, with significant improvements in its hinge design, among other new features, according to Lenovo’s CEO’s statement to news network CNBC.

To all this, his rival SAMSUNG has not yet revealed data on the fifth generation of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flipalthough they should finally be released in August, something similar to what happened with the 2022 versions.

On the other hand, the latest data for the segment indicates that during 2022 more than 14 million foldable smartphones worldwide, notable year-over-year growth in this market, but even so they continue to lag well behind traditional or mainstream smartphone sales.

Source: Clarin

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